Rawr For A Miracle

Without God, we are like bloodthirsty, heartless velociraptors or indominous rex. Then when our heart opens up to reach out for God, His spirit begins to change us, and we become who we were truly meant to be…

Rawr: “It means I love you in 🦕 dinosaur.”

From the 🎥 We’re Back

1 John 4:8, We live in a fallen world, but there is hope out there.

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The purpose of Rawr For a Miracle, is to share the love of God. It is that love that has saved us through so many hardships, tears, pain, and very difficult times. We hope you will find God’s love to lift you up from feeling broken too.

1st Cor 13:4-8

The heaviness of a torrential downpour approaches, it is only the dark, uncomforting clouds that fight in the lightning shot sky, that you see, just then. But just around the corner, the  welcoming brilliance of  a new sun, warming and life giving, climbs slowly over the tallest mountain after the challenge of life’s storms, time after time.

“The Road to Salvation.. a narrow Path”


 Note the word : chiaroscuro. The dark and the light work together in contrast. Life is like a shoe box of miscellaneous keepsakes, sometimes you’ll find a photo that sends you on a cheerful stroll down memory lane, sometimes you’ll grab a random thumbtack and prick your finger. But will you let the tiny prick of the thumbtack hurt you forever, or will you hold onto the memories worth cherishing, and simply learn to watch where you reach your hand  the next time.


Psalm 73:25,26

The greatest thanks to my Father above, who never disappoints and brought me back to life, after I lost myself completely; thank you God Almighty, Jehovah & thank you greatly to His son, our new King, Christ Jesus. Psalm 110.

Stories store memories, memories to help remember thee..my God who sent His only son who chose to die for me ..to bring the good news of hope straight down from a holy heaven, to a broken Earth, Jesus, thank you for your selfless bravery. The risk you took to bring the Word, to be the Word, has meant new life for me, and a hope to live everlastingly at peace one day up there with you for all eternity.


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God is love, God brings the miracles…

God is good. Have a God day.