Why Sometimes Foregiveness Appears Unforgivable

Life gets wild sometimes. People seem to hurt you, break you, and harden your heart, directly or indirectly. You say you forgive them, or sometimes say sorry for closure, but it may seem sorry is not good enough.
Here is the thing:  People’s last impression of you may not be the same as your last impression of them, you may remember something happy, they may be bitter or holding a grudge. Their last impression of you may have had overwhelming impact on them that it clouds their mind to remembering any good. Such negative feelings on their part often arise  because of a trigger that may have nothing at all to do with you, but simply that you sparked a  backdraft of a fire from their past they were scared to return to. Open-hearted communication, though often times may seem too serious, soul-revealing, and awkward, is what is needed. Communicating with anyone other that the person you have strife with should NOT occur, unless in a professional setting, counselors, or advisors and such. Directly speaking with the individual you are having tension or worries with, in person, peacefully and openly should soften a lot, if not all the bumps.

If a person you are having problems with seems to dwell in negativity. Help negative persons from a distance only, too close and their droopy, unnerving demeanor will leak into you, causing wrath and despondency in your own heart.

Life is so temporary, most fights are futile, people always worry about money, houses, cars, and bling, our lives go just as fast as all of that, 100$ is pretty much nothing in this day of hardship, if you feel the need to fight over material, have a seat, drink some lemonade, ponder carefully and realize the life of someone you love can go as fast as the Ben Franklins, or the shiny Beamer, and what is going to be more important to you in the end, being with family in the Paradise of God, or overspending time on things that will keep you from your true happiness, love, an everlasting peace.

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