Faith of a Mustard Seed

God can move mountains, is not just a heart pumping song, nor is it an exaggerative idea, God CAN move mountains, you better believe it.

God CAN divide the sea. HE did it in Moses’ day, if he felt it had good purpose right now, you betcha he can do it again!

People’s minds are infected with techonogical rituals, “ONE DAY THIS EARTH WILL BE RAN BY ROBOTS” HA!  That day is TODAY!

We are all the robots, stupid oversimplified boring extremely confunded scientific statistical answers for BRILLIANCE FROM ASTOUNDING MIRACLES OF LIFE AND INTERESTING NON- COINCIDENTAL stuff happening EVERYDAY.  You better believe it’s God, he inspires all greatness, he is inspiring myself to write this at this very moment. Science: umm there are some accelerated activity per se on the extraneous quarks of dark matter that are somehow identified in our genus that shows our mom came from this green pigmented bacteria…. BOLOGNA!( Hey bologna is good, but what is it?)

Scientists can discover with inspiration from God what has already been explained by God in his word, but

Eph 3:20, 1Cor4:7

“Science only goes so far, and then comes God…”- “The Notebook”




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