How to be a Wub ( Laughing For Abs)

So  I decided to write this post because my brother ( Wub), still hanging on to life, but still not fully himself as he recovers  from West Nile Virus ( the deathly virus transferred via  mosquitoes) needs to be reminded how to be a Wub, maybe that is why he is not talking yet? Wub did you forget how to be a Wub?  Well why didn’t you just say so. Bald face  -_- you can’t say so…

So  to remind you, here we go:

Wubs wake up early in the morning at 3:30 pm, then they get a medium sized plate and throw everything they can possibly find that looks good enough to eat right on top.  Two Jimmy deans, three ham sandwiches, chorizo and eggs, asparagus and potatoes, string cheese, hot cheetohs, and left over carne right on one plate, then I come into the kitchen and say: “Wub, what can possibly be your mental problem, acting like you haven’t eaten in 85 years?!”  Butt hanging out from behind the fridge door with shorts sagging and two little brown legs that can start a fire. And all I hear is: “YUPP!! I’m starving,  I haven’t eaten all day for 7 days,  I have not even eaten for a month…”  -__-

Then with a plate  worth  enough food to start Thanksgiving, Wub zooms out of the kitchen, crumbs flying here and there off the large pile on the plate that now looks like a “george hat.” And DUNT!! His room door slams and all you can hear coming from your room Wub is “OH YEAH ! THIS IS GOOD! THIS IS LIFE!  I MAKE FOOD THE RIGHT WAY!”

You never really know what Wub is up to  behind those doors,  sometimes people like to pop their proud head in randomly to his room to find out. It’s usually homework at 4am, wrestling pillows as he watches WWE, leaving very obvious dents  in the wall, which he  “Has never seen before, and has no idea where they came from,” as he smiles sideways and then skips to the kitchen to pat all of his sisters on the head, in  a way that can get a brain to work, if anyone  was at all asleep before he flew by  skipping 70 mph, just because a marathon of Godzilla is on TV.

Well a Wub is an interesting character, secret weapon at chess, yeah yeah you cook pretty good, unstoppable at Thriller on Wii, Dean’s list student, and inspiration for today’s generation in that he does not get caught up in the lies of the media and facades of today, and pretty comical to start a debate with ( especially when it goes on for 9 hours over the phone, and the lady in the apartment below you  bangs on your roof, and wants you evicted, because the madness never seems to end.

This is a Wub, a Wub we all need, but there is only one, help bring him back to life, and those sacrificing their lives to keep him alive as they try to  bring him back too.


Donations extremely appreciated for help with medical supplies and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy :