Armour Broken in, is Glorious.

Your armour is on and fully equipped for battle, blazingly shiny and unmarred of any one scratch, the strategy you select is crucial to survival…

the dragon thunders forth ready to envelop you as his meal, his teeth seething with starvation, and his claws delved into the ground, pulling up the foundation from beneath his merciless claws with his every rampage closer to you, eyes bulging as he stands but a foot from you in distance, and you, unready, weapons just for showy display,  throw down all defenses in cowardice, onto the ground, as you run, screaming, away from the dragon, yelling that you were not ready for the battle, telling the dragon to please come back later.

     This life of ours will throw so many battles at us. How we face them, learn from them, and even rejoice in them is how we will grow. If we never use the armour of God, and hide from conquering what scares us, lie to ourselves about things that need change and growth, and deny God the ability to do his divine work in our lives, we will be like the individual who runs from the dragon in the beginning here.

Trials, hardships, frustrations, worries, suffering, difficulties, all have a remedy, and that is  God. Getting through all the things that seem completely impossible to conquer, may take time, preserverance again and again, passing seemingly endless tests that Satan may tempt you with, and never losing hope, that God is all powerful, and in his timing which is perfect, and only he knows why, even if we may never understand, he can conquer all. With him we will always be victorious.