Read God’s Word!

God NEEDS you to know this:

Psalm 139:15, PSALM 138:8, Psalm 32:1, Psalm 33:11

Proverbs 13:7

1st John 4:8

Isaiah 46:3, Isaiah 45:18

Romans Chapter 8, Romans 12:2,3 Romans 14:10, Romans 6:13

1Cor 2:9

John 14:6

Phil 3:13, Phil 3:19, Phil 4:13

1 Cor4:7, 1 Cor 4:2, 1 Cor 10:13

Luke 12:48

James 1:2, James 4:4

Matt 25:21

2Chron 32:31

1st Peter 4:10

John 3:36, John 13:34

Hebrews 11:13

1Cor 13:4,8

Love= truth, God is Love 1st John4:8


Thank you heavenly dad, God above..

Never Leave Your Partner Behind ( Previously on Music Vault)

Love heals all.. For Husbands and Wives in particular: Ephesians 5:22-33, marriage will put you through tests of every kind: mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, subliminally, subconsciously.

Wives  “must live in subjection to their husbands,” this means they must respect them, not take a horrid beating, never this, but ladies try to change your perspective for the moment, to that of a man’s, to see what they see ( their brain does indeed function very differently than a woman’s).

When at first what they say, makes you wanna throw the refrigerator at them, and anger from “The AUDACITY of This MAN?!?” actually gives you the strength to do so; or if contrarily, what they say causes you to lose all hope, and feel  completely without worth: assess whether what they have said, is even relevant and legitimate. Or is it just nonsensical words they heard from a movie or a bad association, or even more  seriously is it a test…

Satan using your man’s mouth to direct things at you that are blatantly untrue. You MUST MUST MUST  read God’s word the Bible at every moment of stress that arises and pray constantly in your mind to prepare for what Satan may try to throw at you.

READ THE BIBLE, God did not create us to be independent of him, WE MUST READ THE BIBLE! TO handle any kind of stress, depression, self-denial, struggle, resentment, fear, guilt, etc. God’s WORD IS THE ONLY WAY.

Reasoning from God’s word and choosing not to even submit and join in on any irrelevant fiery conversation, will keep a woman strong knowing God made her for good,  built beautiful and brave, and he is always there, even when no one else seems to be.

During A Fight, COUPLES:

Recognize Falseness/Nonsense ( OR ANY TEST in general, especially if it is reoccurring, never go down the same path of destruction that only continuously causes chaos; if cooking rice always starts a fight, find out why, don’t just keep cooking rice and fighting)

2. Say Nothing negative/accusatory; self-control/silence WITH prayer and Bible reading is All Powerful everytime, in the fight. Too many Words are Unnecessary at that point, and only add fuel to the Fire (until after cool down and God’s Word is with you should you speak with in depth communication, ask questions, give suggestion, hear out their side, be loving with self-control) Listen and LOVE each other, no matter what differences or struggles exist, listen (hear each other’s true heart) and love.

3. Go to a peaceful Place alone and Breathe, PRAY( never, NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER, underestimate the power behind prayer)

4. Think of Funny Times/ Good Memories, and Hope ahead.

5. Pick up the Bible and Read it Together

6. After the battle has been won, leave the Fight way Behind You, Forever!

Additionally never compare your spouse to that of  individuals in movies, songs, TV shows, or even coworkers, or the cute fool from down the road or even a friend.

Of course when a star, or stranger is dressed for a show, their behavior is show-like,  or more cool and collective, not raw, if they haven’t been with you when for example, you:

“Wake up extra greasy with ferocious dragon breath, and decide your day has been way too long at 6am and you are never gonna take a shower, EVER, and want chocolate, but hate chocolate five minutes later and suddenly have energy to mow the lawn in whitey tighties, but Eleanore drove by on her souped up walker with the golden tennis balls and whistled  at your butt”

so things are about to hit the fan with your honey..  then Brad Paisley or Carly Ray, or “Stacy’s mom who’s got it goin on”.. is human too, and they aint gonna deal with your nit wits , any more so than that special someone you made vows too, not even not at all when life gets real.

Husbands, while your wife is to respect you and love you, as difficult as that may seem for her in a fiery fight, but very possible that that is, your job is to love your woman and Your woman only, not other defilements of flesh, alcohol, bad images, too much television or phone time, obsessing about money, etc etc..these things will suck your soul dry every day till you take your last breath, leaving you wishing you could have just one more chance with your honey.

Cherish her like you love and take care of yourself, and your life will be heaven on Earth. Women are complex, but when it boils down to it, all they need is love ( especially the ferocious ones). Be LOYAL to each other and God, you will see, will make you inconquerable as couple and individually, you will feel insurmountable strength straight from the Almighty.

Never leave your partner behind. As clay made in the hands of Jehovah God, designed for each other, why would you not choose the STRONGEST WEAPON  out there to go into battle with, prayer& Jehovah God’s Word! And LOVE, do NOT Repay evil for evil, only with good can evil be conquered.

The False Reality

Food is of more value than money, and God of more value than Food.

Try having fuzzy teeth without being able to brush and smelling like death, with horribly uncomfortable hair, shivering and being told you cannot sleep here at 4am with your eyes half alive and your head so hungry for sleep.

Humans look at other humans needing help, that they know deep down that they could offer, like they are pieces of broken tires on the road, nowadays.

Our God given trusts and tests whether it be money, or the ability to preach, or a beautiful heart, a sensitive soul, or a way with people, or a way with flowers, should be used for good, not selfishly or not gone to waste.1st Peter 4:10


Bring back the love, even if you only offer an encouraging word, that GIVES, life.

1st Corinthians 13:4

Matt 19:23

Everyone will always see themselves as less fortunate than someone else, but will you get chained and stuck chasing the imminently annihilated dust that Satan has to offer today.

James 4:4, 2Cor4:18, Phil 3:7, Romans 14:10, Proverbs 13:7

We never have enough if we compare ourselves to someone else, but God is all you need and he will add all else that he knows you need.

Eph 3:20

And it is going to save your life if you wake up now to realize that we are blind to what REALLY matters, staying close to God before it is too late, Earth is a temporary home( Satan has REALLY blinded us all to think we really really need nicer homes, hotter cars, better clothes, cuter shoes, awesome phones; be careful you could get stuck on the third level of [deep sin] and get forever lost in such a “viral idea” ( That’s what the movie “Inception” really is, God inspires all things meant for good, he surely does, our creator is THE ULTIMATE GENIUS).

If your house caught on fire right now, what would you save from the midst of the smoke and it’s mercilessly collapsing walls?

Our permanent home is paradise or/heaven once the evil gets wiped out, Earth is where we get tested to Earn our real prize in God’s coming, perfect kingdom. And it IS coming, check-out the news lately?

Things will get way worse before they get better, then heavenly.

Read read read read read your Bible and pray and pray pray and pray, God does talk back through his Word.

Psalm 33:11