A Man’s Repaired Mind ( See Beyond Trials)poem

“See Beyond Trials”

‘Behind a frowning providence,
He hides a smiling Face’ [1]
To see beyond Loves’ purposes
Is sure too Err.
To Trust Him simply
Oh the relief.
Peace and True calmness
Are found in His Arms of Love.
For He has Spoken.
All shall surely come to Pass. Has God ever failed
In all His Faithful Plans,
Nay! It is impossible;
For Holy is the LORD.
And His Word is forevermore Sure.
See what God can Do
For those who Call on His name.
Inexhaustible in Glory,
Beautiful and Powerful,
Meek and Lowly.
Oh what a Friend!
Tethered by Faith
Is my hearts’ Goal & End!
Until i shall see His Face
And Faith have Prevailed
For I have Finished the Race
To Behold Him forevermore!