Where is the Love? 1st John4:8

Where is the love in this world? “What’s wrong with the world mama, people acting like they ain’t got no mama?”

God is where love comes from, he is the only origin and source of all goodness, God is love 1st John 4:8/ 1Cor 13:4,8. No God, means no love, burnin down churches and bibles, destroying and hating one another, when the truth is we are all connected, not just a bunch of random people, that’s why the loves not here, people want nothing to do with God, The reality is we NEED God, that is our dad, that is our maker, you wanna tell the big guy with your instruction manual to get away from you, then yikes for you.

In this life, we NEED God, if we want to survive and have strength to keep on going, no matter how tumultuous things get.

Father in Heaven

When Forrest Gump’s mom said: “Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” It’s true. Just because you get hired one day at what you think is the best job in the world, or just because you got into a very prestigious college, or even graduated from one, or found somebody wealthy to marry, or grew up in a family of what the world says ‘will make it out there,’ because they have ‘connections.’ Or even if you had a very very rough upbringing and somehow, ‘come to be somebody..’ THERE ARE CURVE BALLS FOR EVERYONE. I’m sure we’ve all said it at least one time or another, once we get out there in the world completely on our own, and reality sets in: “It just seems like it’s one thing after another.” ( aka you never know what you’re gonna get), life is still like 🍫 chocolates though *** when you have God on your side( Deut31:6)**** It is always one thing after another for EVERYONE, because this is not the life God wanted for us, this life is to test us and for God to find those with hearts in the right place, then change the world, remove the evil, and reward those that remained*** loyal ****from the moment they came to find God till Christ’s second return.

Loyalty is everything, don’t fool around with what God says not to, it’s more severe than you think.

What God does for his children is:

Give us a purpose beyond this world. A purpose bigger than this life we’re striving and barely surviving through, right now in this messed up world( this world is currently under Satan’s domain, just for a tiny bit longer though.)

Provides us with strength, endurance, peace, joy beyond normal, humility, endurance ( through his Holy Spirit) when we obey him and are loyal to him with all our heart, mind, and soul.

Gives us the The WISEST WISDOM, EVER, EVER! You want to be super smart, put your heart in the right place, obey his every commandment, even keep your thoughts and intentions clean, and come to know God.

Protects us, and provides for our NEEDS( not wants) he knows what we NEED( and what we want may actually NOT be best ( it may even be dangerous) for us, he is ultimately Wisest).

And so you say, LOL! I’m a mess, God don’t want me! Truth is..He made you! You are his, you just got off path. He still wants you, though! He is waiting for you to cry out to him, so he knows you want to be helped, he cares about you, he doesn’t want evilness and Satan trying to bring you way down under into the darkness any longer. He didn’t let Jesus go through horrible heart breaking torture just so 5 golden hearted people could be rescued, he wants EVERY SINGLE ONE OF CHILDREN ( he made all of us, one by one by one by one, for almost 10,000 plus years of human history. There is still time. Soon though Satan has got to go, and that includes everyone and everything that is causing confusion, chaos, hatred, violence, crime, selfishness, jealousy; these things just weren’t in God’s original plan , but humans got off path right from the start( Adam and Eve), so soon God WILL send Christ to clean up this mess, so there will be perfect peace.

Do you want perfect peace, it’s coming, but you’re gonna need to draw close to God NOW, before the destruction of all evil sets in, bible prophecy is already HAPPENING NOW.

God needs to be your priority if you want to survive and grow in strength. And have real meaningful purpose.

Make it a goal today: to smile a kind smile, at someone with a frown, or whose mouth is upside down:) And tell them “Did you know God made them with a unique purpose, so don’t give up!”

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