When you want to give up.. DON’T!

Oh if only we had more money some will say, if I just had a nice fancy house, if I could just find my other half others contest, why don’t I get children, where’s my health, what if all the bills were paid off every single one, if I could just have a nicer set of calves.. etc. etc.

And if you had it all?

Would that really make it all better. Then what? You got it all, did it all, your every heart’s desire has been satisfied, so now what are you supposed to keep living for, sure you have your kids, you’re all healthy together in a dream house, and you’ve bought every single thing you have ever wanted, you have all the time in the world because everything is going YOUR way, you’ve “been there done that, been there done that, been there, done that!” Suddenly your purpose seems purposeless, no suspense, no beautiful thematic music playing in the back of your mind because you never fought, never cried, never struggled, never grew stronger, to let your heart envelop your reward in absolute appreciation.

God knows why and what he made you for, you are unique, and the battle has grown very very VERY difficult!


Stay strong in God’s love, fight the hate and provocation of your mind that Satan is inflicting.


Keep on going!

The battle is almost won!

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