God. How do you know that God and the Bible are THE TRUTH?

God is NOT a religion. God is not just Baptist, Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witnesess, Apostolic, Orthodox, or Jewish, etc. God is not just for Christians.

God is for everyone.

God is for those lost and broken, God is for the liars, the murderers, the gangsters, the rebels, the drunkards, the fornicators, the violent and the unruly.

God knows both Christians and non- Christians alike, make mistakes every single day; and for those mistakes God Almighty Jehovah’s son, Jesus Christ, takes that blame. Christ took everything we have ever did wrong, and paid for it through a very brutal suffering, and the most severe and tragic, but loving sacrifice of his life.

It would be as if your own father on Earth or another very close to you, fed themselves to a pack of hungry wolves just so you could get away safely and have another chance at life, even though you had treated them so often disrespectfully and disobediently.

So how do you know that God and His word The Bible, is the truth?

A lot people, I myself a long time ago, young adults that chose the college path, and those in Scientific fields, often challenge whether God is real.

I have heard people say how do you know Satan isn’t actually the good guy and God took his story and twisted it?!


The Bible is God’s word, it is centered around the story of Christ, Not Satan, Satan though still mentioned is not the focus. And if you actually sit down and pray and read God’s Word ( Eph. 6, evilness all around you will try to stop you and fight you and distract you from praying and reading the Bible) you will find there is advice in there that can FIX EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM WE HAVE, or at least give us the wisest mentality to overcome and be at peace when problems exist.

When you apply and ask God to help you to get some of his holy spirit( power) to apply what is in the Bible, your life, it suddenly starts to make sense, your conscience feels so free and you feel confident and alive and thus happier and more peaceful.

Now Satan, he is still God’s son. God still made him AND STILL CARES ABOUT HIM, and this is how you know God IS THE TRUTH. We ourselves behave like Satan often when we disobey God; we get proud, lustful, full of hate, slanderous, vicious, verbally aggressive, without self-control, skilled and crafty at deceiving and manipulating, we are all still God’s kids though he never says, I gave up on him or her. Never does he say that, EVER! But as we continue in this way, our own selfish unruly ways, we make a mess out of our soul, make scars for life through the fights and ruined relationships we destroy with our ungodly behavior. Everything we do that God says not to do, does cause harm even if you cannot see it right away, damage after damage after damage is going to make recovery a little more difficult, but finding God now, calling out to him now, will save you.

God is pure first then love 1st John 4:8

And love is 1st Cor 13:4,8

Still not sure if God is real, pray to him from the bottom of your heart; when you need a friend, talk to him, he’s there for you, and he does answer at just the perfect moment. Put your heart in the right place ( pure intentions)& Keep praying, God cares so much for you.

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