Concepts for Prayer and God-honoring Conversation

1.The difference between good works/deeds VS. obedience to God ( listening to HIS commandments) ( HINT to start: a bad heart can do a good deed in selfish intentions…)

2. What does God’s Word say about reaping what you sew, suffering for righteousness, and why some unrepentant sinners seem to still be thriving, and others dying horridly. ( HINT: The book of Job, the 3 wise men, and God being all knowing)

3. How Romans 8:28 plays into reaping and sewing ( HINT: 1st John 4:8)

4. Why ignorance is NOT a legitimate justification to sin ( HINT: Is ignorance an excuse to break the laws of today’s legal system.)

5. What is our purpose? Factoring in sanctification ( becoming more and more Christ-like), and considering that we should be able to work with whatever life gives, based on what God says, not the world. ( HINT: Our purpose is so much deeper than a type of career/ job.)

6. How do we recognize real TRUTH, from master deception from the devil? (HINT: Truth requires BOTH SPIRIT(1ST COR 13:4,8) & WORD (Reading God’s word like it’s alive, not like something to commit to memory and think you know all to well; pride is DEATHLY.)

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