Remember What Really Matters

As time gets closer and closer and extremely closer to Christ’s return… Everything seems so out of control. The truth is it may be out of our control, but God is completely in control, and He is our: stronghold, our anchor, our comforter, our shelter, our shield, our protector, our provider of needs*, our bestest friend, our dad, and our deliverer.

DON’T LET SATAN DESTROY WHAT MATTERS; at the end of the day the mean things you said, ungodly advice you may have gotten, the not that wise psychology/ Popular Culture articles, gossip with misled individuals, even seemingly wise but not fully biblical direction from loved ones, songs with words that seem to rhyme in your life’s current situation but lack constructive substance, the pride, the anger, the grudges- can be used as traps to tear a beautiful thing apart, you know in your heart what matters, don’t give up, don’t let a good thing die, let God help you both, you will need to draw close to God to make it work, pray to Him, work together.

At any moment, everything can completely just explode into smithereens, remember what matters…

Testimony: Right at this very moment we ourselves, have negative money in the bank, had to defer our car payment, have about 8 credit card companies calling us to make card payments, hospital bills, and tickets, and on and on, but God has always given us everything we need* we’ve always had more than enough to eat and feed our family and to be able to share with others, we have clothing to keep ourselves in modern era, no cave men walking around. Keeping our trust in God and keeping up with prayer no matter how bleak it gets, He always answers right on time. Recently prayers were answered with a little help from loved ones, friends, church, work opportunities; although not rich in paper we are rich in God, and I don’t know about you, but when: God, paper, scissors…it’s game over everytime for everything, but God.

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