The thing that is wrong with this world: God is being removed, and that includes the ability to know how to love one another the way love was TRULY MEANT to be 1ST COR 13:4,8.

Love gives things that cannot be bought, things such as time, patience, sacrafice, and HEARING EACH OTHER OUT.

Love is not just in a gift or in money, real love is a condition of heart that evokes more love.

We have forgotten how to speak with one another, face to face, with patience, from the heart to try to put ourselves in their shoes, to HEAR EACH OTHER OUT. Today we hear a voice 1 decibel too loud or a tone way too high pitched or way too harsh and we cut a person off, label them, and leave them hurting. Give the most expensive gift of patience and time this year to be able to get through sensitive subjects, HEARING EACH OTHER OUT, Not assuming you are entirely always wise&right. And then PRAY together about it afterwards.

Kids in school, dont have a clue what hearing each other out is, our attention spans have gone out the window and technology has programmed us to treat other PEOPLE WITH HEARTS AND SOULS , like theyre freakin devices, robots, phones with wires, Alexas, video game characters,etc.. hence so many school shootings..Technology is actually spreading hatred by removing the ability to listen to and love one another, from the bottom of our hearts.

Our little ones also need our hugs and kisses, our time and attention, not a tablet to completely replace that, they will want to do what they see us doing, not just what we tell them to do, take the time to be silly with them before they grow up and grow far away in their hearts, because they just needed more of your undivided attention, aka real love.

We are ALIVE, maybe the concept that robots would take over the world has truly happened, we are those robots.

We NEED God, he made LOVE, the way its supposed to be… Love one another, turn your phone off and wake up! Youre Alive! Appreciate what cannot be bought, before it slips through our fingers like the sand from an hourglass.

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