God’s Sovereignty & Our Purpose

God made all of us.

We all have a unique purpose.

God is holy. Evil cannot even come near Him nor approach His throne. Light and darkness cannot mix.

So we cannot even come near His throne in prayer with: evil, impure, or selfish intentions in our hearts. Only can He hear our prayers when we are completely pure in heart.

We ALL need God to figure out our true purpose. He made us, and since He is holy, incapable of evil, He made us all only to do good.

Whether or not we arrive at our predestined purpose, and how we choose to get there ( the journey) aka the God ordained purpose- is up to us. But we will be lost without God and never arrive without Him. He made us, He alone holds our instruction manual.

The path is narrow and very very very hard, there are temptations, tests, demons, and the devil, but with God and a pure heart all things are possible.

Our lives are NOT a game or some movie, don’t let Satan deceive you, you can actually be gone forever if you keep doing evil.

Repent and go to God, let Him fulfill your true purpose.

His plans are only to help us and never to hurt us. We may suffer for our sin, or stubbornness in trying to do our own will and not His will,( He allows persecution to get us to move,) or from evilness trying to stop God’s plans. Romans 8:28 All things work together for those that [TRULY] love God.

Selflessly put your heart in a pure position, by listening to God completely, so that He may hear your prayers today. And remember to pray for others, ‘one simple random act of kindness’ at a time, we are a body of Christ, we need to help one another; Satan can take us out, or even use us to mislead others,( since people can be like sheep that only follow what leads and not think for ourselves, the way God wants us to,) so our shepherd is Christ, and Christ alone, trust Yaweh thru Christ’s example. Yaweh( Jehovah,) our Almighty Father, alone deserves worship.

Let God Heal the World…oh that my people would only humble themselves that I may bless their land

2nd Chronicles 7:14

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