1. You can do things God’s way or Satan’s way, there is no other way, live on the dark side or be in the light, there is no middle.
  2. Everybody in life was born a sinner, because of the mess Adam and Eve chose when not listening to God’s only 1st commandment back then.

3. Because everyone is born a sinner, yes even kids( do you see the evil raging through schools today, because there is no talk of God allowed in schools, ( Harvard and Yale were founded on God, now He has been removed entirely,) most kids are not taught the Truth of how important it seriously is to be friends with God. And toddlers are like sponges, taking in and doing everything they see and hear, most of which is often just the evilness of this world on TV and other media.

4. God is our creator, and the creator of all good things, how else do you honestly explain who made the trees, the ocean, the clouds, the sun? Because He made us, we will always be missing a piece of us, and never feel whole and with real purpose, unless He is on our lives.

5. Every single one of us has gone through difficult times, seen suffering, and unfairness in this life, and we cannot blame our upbringing, family, friends, ‘enemies’, or parents for our current problems in life. God tells us in the Bible, that: it is the responsibility of each individual to come to find and know Him, no matter our current circumstances, raised hearing about Him or not.

Ezekiel 18:20.

The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them.

5 1/2. Knowing we were sinners, Jehovah ( Yahweh) gave Jesus (His son who is, you can say, the perfect representation of HIM in a form that is visible to our eyes, since we cannot see Yahweh,thus Christ is God in a visible representation, ) (but humans being sin-filled tend to worship everything that they feel is powerful, so Christ came to be called God, though only Yahweh is truly God who should be worshipped. Christ was willing to die for every single bad thing we would ever: think, speak, and do, so that we wouldnt blame each other for anything at all, because Jesus already paid for it all with His own blood, so forgive one another if you want God to forgive you.

6. We will always have problems in this life, whether you choose God or not, blaming others for your current problems is foolishness, we are working for Satan when we do this.

7. There is no human that will ever be able to do everything perfectly, 24/7 all the time, we were all born sinners as a consequence of Adam and Eve’s ( they BOTH ate the illegal apple that showed us evilness, no pointing fingers its what Satan does,) choice to not listen to God, because they felt what they did couldnt be that bad.

8. Because we all make mistakes, we MUST make our GOAL to point others to Jesus Christ, as our example to follow.

9. God’s commandments are Not just the 10 commandments that were given to Moses, His commandments include keeping your thoughts clean, not watching evil, hanging out with those who love evil, not doing or listening to evil music or convo ( gossip).

So how on Earth do we do good if we are such sinners?

10. Confess to God with all your heart all your evilness, He already knows about it anyway so dont try to lie, He sees and knows EVERYTHING, He just wants to see us choosing to put our heart in an Honest and pure place; cry out to him for forgiveness from the bottom of all your heart.


11. Our tranformation ( sanctification) to becoming more like Christ, is ONLY possible when God sees our hearts are pure and sincerly want His help, then after being ‘ born again,’ which requires you to want to listen to Him, and using your freewill to choose what is good ( in accordance with the Bible,) God begins to give you more and more holy spirit over time.

12. It is with the holy spirit of God in us, that we can have when being fully obedient to Him, as we love Him with all our heart(and God thank you so much for everything, there is no way I could have gotten through the traumatic, difficult, stressful, burdensome parts of this life without you.) that you start to see your old ways being transformed in Christ-like ways

13. If we remain loyal to God, as Christ did, then over time, with the Holy Spirit He gives us, we will develop fruits of His spirit, where there was once always anger and lack of self- control there will now be patience, wisdom, endurance, meekness, joy in struggle( knowing God brings hope and strength and answers even in the darkest of times,)..

14.CRITICAL: CRITICAL: DANGER: Do not come to be close to God and then go back to what the evilness of this world has to offer, there are consequences for all our actions, ( whether you want to do it God’s way or Satan’s way there ARE consequences to our choices,) whether they come immediately like being burned by touching the fire on a stove or later on like mold on a ceiling that worsens with each storm on a tattered rooftop of a house. One can become mentally ill or worse, from deciding to leave God for a bit to take a break, its like poisoning a tree that once gave great fruit, everything rots and its so tragic to redeem. 2nd Corinthians 11:3,

But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the [a]simplicity that is in Christ.

Disobeying God is essentially self-harm, that is why it hurts Him so much when we think we know better than Him and do what He asks us Not to.

14 1/2. Psalm 103:6-10….The Lord is merciful and gracious, Slow to anger and abounding in mercy…He has not dealt with us according to our sins, Nor punished us according to our iniquities.

15. Knowing God is about having a relationship with Him, not so much a religion, though other friends of God and guidance will be needed for support, which you will find at a biblically sound church, aka a church that sticks close to God’s Word in the way they preach. Pray to God as much as you text, and read the BIBLE, EVERYDAY. Worship Him in song and praise, it brings life. Share His good news with others, its the most precious gift you can give, life. Do simple acts of kindness for others.

16. God loves us, if a prayer isnt being immediately answered we cannot whine like a spoiled child and say He’s not answering me, so Im gonna go be evil, NO! ITS important to pray for patience and take on the challenge of the trials that He allows to happen as an opportunity to be trained ( like karate kid not fully understanding how waxing cars was part of the process of learning karate,)He knows why He cannot answer certain situations or problems immediately, He knows everything, trust Him. Trust ( Faith) in Him is. a major part of the process.)

17. This life on Earth right now, is only temporary, peace will come after the return of Christ and the destruction and riddance of all evil.

18. Evil and goodness cannot coexist, evilness hurts goodness, and causes it to eventually become evil.

19. Now is the time to seek God, crying out to Him for forgiveness for all you’ve done that hurts His heart, in that He can set you free from guilt, hatred, fear, blame, anxiety, depression, confusion…the Holy Spirit ( the Spirit of God, God’ s Spirit,) does that, it gives inner peace even when the world all around is chaotic.

20. 1st Cor 13 is a core scripture.God is love, you will know real truth if it has both The Spirit of God ( pure first then love,)and His Word ( if it is in the bible, even more specifically the gospel, Matt, Mark, Luke, and John( Jesus is the Word and the Truth) and interpreted correctly from the Bible which is only possible with prayer and a pure heart,)

21. God NEVER uses Fear to get us to listen, He doesnt force anything, He gives us freewill, we must choose good on our own if we want to be protected under His wings. Captivate your thoughts in Christ, dont let evil thoughts or people trick you with fear, blame, insecurity, doubt, lies, worry.. make sure it has the loving and pure spirit of God and is accurately in His Word the Bible. ( The fear of God is completely different from the evilness that fear causes, fearing God is like respecting and wanting to make your Father proud and not leaving the strength of His love.)

22.We NEED God, when you realize that, ( and I learned this the very very hard way,) you WILL LOVE HIM so much with your whole, heart, strength, and mind/[might].

God didnt make hell, but its a consequence we can avoid by listening to Him, just like the sad consequences of this evil world, that all came about only because we choose not to listen to Him, us humans are destroying the Earth, we are causing hatred, violence, selfishness, confusion, envy in all its idolatry, global warming, natural disaster, greed, HURT and pride, warfare, school shootings, sexually immoral chaos, disease, insecurity, identity crises, if it keeps going at this rate all hell will break loose, the bunch of rebels that we’ve all been, shunning love, shunning the ONE who is love and made love, God Almighty, if we play with fire, we WILL get burned… in hell…

God is holy, incapable of evil and God is sovereign, He knows what is ultimately best in the bigger picture of things, as He is always taking every person alive into consideration all at once, so He can allow something to be or choose to block it.

So there is nothing to fear with God being ultimately in control, even if we make an unintentional boo boo.

IMPORTANT: We as humans CANNOT change anybody, that is Not our job, our job is to be ambassadors for Christ and POINT OTHERs TO Him, God takes over from there and begins a process with his Holy Spirit, ( we do not have Holy Spirit to give, we are very unholy sinners,)and a broken vessel cannot take in a lot of heavenly spirit all at once,and often spills it so many times so it is a process, that requires endless prayer, faith in God, reading the Word, and fighting the devil, with God’s help…to help us to become more and more like Christ.

Romans 8:28 All things work together for good for those that love God.

1st John 4:8 God is Love

Matt19:26 All Things are possible with God. Including MIRACLES.

1St You just gotta Believe

And you need to be willing stand up for love and righteousness through God, in that above all His will be done, not ours.

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