OUR wake up CALLing

45000 mph, legs moving faster than a cheetah, physical metabolic defiance, if this was a marathon, everyone would be eating my dust

[If you haven’t caught on.. this is Not a snippet from Flash or any Superhero/Marvel 🎥 film]

These were my ridiculously and rather humorous thoughts as a college student riding my bike down the streets of Davis, straight out of class, zooming back to my apartment.

I was probably only going 43000 miles per hour (😝)

But it only took less than 2 seconds before I was actually flying, and then falling straight onto my face HARD, eating gravel from the middle of the street, my nose running in blood, the skin ripped up from both legs, feeling the soreness of being bruised and the sudden weight of the severity of the whole situation, did I just get hit by a car, I’M ALIVE? Oh my gosh I’m in the middle of the street, and I’m too afraid to even move.

Too often, we get caught up in Ourselves, we let our thoughts overtake us so much, that we are all caught up in our own minds, we forget to BREATHE, TO LOOK AROUND, TO LIVE, TO REALIZE THERE IS A WHOLE WORLD that isnt just our own world.

Sometimes it isn’t until something goes BOOM!! That we snap out of some really selfish thoughts that we often have.

Stop looking at commercials, Pinterest, Facebook, Social media in general, radio ads, magazines for some picturesque concept of how life is supposed to look.

Let’s realize…EVERYBODY cries, EVERYBODY has had one of those moments where they probably walk away from an argument thinking, “Well cheese and crackers, I seriously just sounded like Cruella Devil [or other Villain of your choice] my reputation is destroyed…” EVERYBODY has probably had a piece of toilet paper stuck in their rear( it don’t matter how cool you think you are, leave it to good ‘ol toilet paper to stick around uninvited.) EVERYBODY has probably been strutting like they own every lightpole and square inch of green turf they pass on the streets, and then completely tripped off the entire sidewalk, as though they fell off Earth, just to try to keep walking like, “HEY I’M BACK!”

GOD made US ALL! BOOM! WAKE UP! Youre probably gonna fall straight off your seat ( E.T. –grabbing- stuff- hes -not -supposed- to- be touching- from- the- fridge -style) if you don’t get outta your own head!

Stop worrying about the past! Stop worrying about what so and so did! Jesus already paid for it!! Forgive them! Instead why dont you do something miraculous( make heaven rejoice!!)send that person ( you have now forgiven,) a thank you, encouragement for what they are doing right, or pray for them whole heartedly.

Prayer helps, ITs a STRONG force! If our hearts are in the right place.

If you have worries about things you need. If its necessities like food, clothing, shelter? Dont worry about fancy, if you have more than enough give cheerfully, never fearfully; if youre barely hanging on in life focus on things of heaven NOT of Earth, the things of Earth are passing, a genuine smile is sometimes the fanciest thing you can own, it shows your heart is in the right place, and God has got your back, Duet.31:6

You know how they say you’ll know who your real friends are when you go through the really rough times, because they will be the ones that stick around..

God feels the same…treat Him right, everybody runs away from Him when they go through rough times blaming Him for everything, or feeling as though He isnt good cause He isnt blessing instantly..if you are being tested, tried, persecuted, or suffereing as a consequence of sin, run to God, dont run away from Him, straight into the spiritual fire..Its like a firefighter trying to stop a bunny from running straight into the inferno of a forest fire, all around is chaos, so much going on, the stress is intense, the fear is real, patience is being tested, wisdom searched, morals uncovered, the firefighter tries to draw the bunny in to save it, but if it runs the other way[ comparably back to the sin essentially] it will just be burned and sadly not survive if it doesnt get out fast enough.

Being God’s friend is unspeakably worth it, He gives true perspective on what really matters, and the demon bullies don’t want you hanging out with Him or His friends, but He made us, we need Him, so do the bullies, we all do:)

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