Lessons I learned ( am still learning,) through Observing Coronavirus effects


Isolation is awful.

Isolation causes tension with the people youre living with.

Isolation strikes up anxiety, causing us to become desperate for freedom.

Isolation makes us fear the unknown.

LEVEL 2: Thinking a bit deeper:

Isolation is awful because it suffocates our ability to do what we would normally do. [Add your own reason here, why you think isolation is awful]

Isolation causes tension with others because we all have differences, that are difficult to sort out.

Alright so gonna cut to the chase…because we get it we’re all suffocating here in one way or another.

If Satan is the enemy doesnt that make us afraid of him? And if fear is always a liar doesnt that make those two statements a contradiction?

What about Eph. 6 spiritual warfare?

We werent ready to fully understand that information back then, it was too overwhelming. God is love, let’s breathe and believe in YAHWEH. Let’s believe in humanity ( if we don’t believe in one another, because of past hurt from something that happened, that is now causing us fear, how will we ever believe in God who made us, if we die inside because our own insecurities, doubts, fears, and worries have choked our dreams, the whole world ( a world made by God,) is gonna die ( like it is right now,) if we don’t even believe in He who made it( I mean like fully believe, believe so much that you praise Him and you share the good things you know about Him. Let us have hope. Let us love one another. He wants us to repent of sin for a loving reason. That we need Him to help us realize, pray and repent, and breathe, God is on the throne.

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