Yahweh is on the throne, be at peace.

God gives grace.

God is the ONLY ONE, that never changes. We as people are dust in the hands of our Great and loving maker, everything is.

I had an epiphany, realization, aka light-bulb( Which is how God often shows us things,( other times He may speak to us through other people( even children and the homeless or broken, especially those( that are lowly in heart;) that this crazy toilet paper hoarding thing, is a funny, but VERY serious way of showing us as people, (who have trusted too much in money over many years in history, to save us out of every situation in life,) and that some have even hoarded ( rich 1-2%), IS SAD. Maybe it’s ok to have/ save some for rainy days, but hoarding is insane.

Sin is serious, sinning purposely without any effort to repent, sinning that grace may abound, is SERIOUS! just like the Coronavirus situation, sin can lead to death. We should not live rebelliously, but should seek God and pray so we are not naive, and must love one another, and love from a distance even, if we can’t be together in one place. Our own sin done on purpose brings ruin.

We must have Faith in God, but we must also remember that as long as their is sin in the world, ***we must seek Godly wisdom.***

God alone can completely wipe out sin, in His kingdom to come following Christ’s return.

( The devil even tempted Jesus while on Earth… He hadnt eaten, and Satan tells Him if you are the son of man turn these stones to bread, [ throw yourself over this cliff, bow down to me and Ill give you all these nations], Jesus tells the devil, ( who was harrassing his mind,) get behind me Satan, do not put the Lord my God to the test….

CAPTIVATE YOUR THOUGHTS IN CHRIST, what would Jesus do ( how would he react), what would Jesus say, in this or that situation.

Another epiphany( God shows us,) Fear is always a liar, ( fear can come from evil movies( whose outcomes are always determined by ungodly imperfect humans, insecurities, worry, too much negative news, worldly songs and wordly advice, nightmares, etc.) the moment we get scared, we do so many irrational things, even the most viewed as stable and responsible people, can start losing touch with reality.

The truth is we as people are not meant to lead each other, because we can’t fully do it perfectly without encountering exceptions to rules, caveats, odd balls, rare situations. Back in biblical times( ቶዳy), God didnt want people to have Kings, He wanted them to pray and seek Him, and wait patiently for Him, and pay attention for His response, testing to make sure whether it was actually from Him or if evil was trying to hack our mind to input a virus of interference so we couldnt hear Him correctly( you know its God when it’s loving( 1st Cor 13:4-8 and is written in the Bible, and read in context.)

The thing is God has everyone’s instruction manuals( it’s ULTIMATELY, His plan and His will, even if we get off track, His Word is truth, and He keeps His every promise EVERYTIME;) since He made all of us, so our own instructions may not be the same as that for someone else, since we are all unique. Love covers a multitude of sins here, because we are all at different stages in our Faith, so we should give each other grace, as God has given us so much grace in our own lives.

The best thing to do when youre worried about (someone you love, someone in leadership, or authorities, or pastors; whomever has to work as a team to help flocks of people in these current times we are living in,) is pray for them, and if stress levels ever get too high, sing to God. 🙂

Ultimately God is on the throne, no matter what happens, God works everything together for good, for those that love Him. Romans 8:28

Seek God now & repent Before time is gone. And share please, all glory to God, because there comes a point in everybody’s life where we just wanted to give up, but encouragement from somebody else, brought hope and hope brought Courage, thank you God, because I have been there, seemingly endless, times. And through it all, I’ve learned:God alone, is 100% good, I’ve been such a sinner, and how awful to blame God for all this mess in the world, who tried to warn us from the beginning of time, and that we must just Trust Him, for our own good.

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