Fear of The Lord

😱 Fear of dying, fear of heights, fear of homelessness, fear of the dark, fear of man, fear of beasts, fear of evil, fear of not having what you need for your family, is a Liar. UNGODLY FEAR IS A LIAR, IF, you choose to instead Fear: the Lord, our God, above all else.

The fear of the lord; fearing God, who is without a doubt the scariest in all existence, because He is ultimately THE MOST POWERFUL, AND IS THE SOVEREIGN ABOVE ALL ELSE, makes all other fears seem rather silly when it comes down to thinking sensibly about everything.

Fearing the Lord does not necessarily mean you bust out your front door like the philistine army everytime you have business to take care of, nor does it means you wrestle with tarantulas, or go head on with the devil at a game of life chess, definitely NOT!

FEARing GOD, actually means being obedient to His every commandment, being sensible and responsible to know when to speak and when to silence yourself, choosing battles wisely, practicing self-control and patience, learning to trust God, and realizing it is IMPOSSIBLE for God to break His promises, if you truly love Him, and thus obey Him.

Romans 8:28 All things work together for good, for those that love God.

Lets please Not be like the Israelites in the wilderness whose situation was completely out of their own power to control, and in that matter, they added sin to sin, by completely lacking Faith in God. Hardly believing that He knows how to answer prayers in the midst of extreme hardship.

We are in extreme hardship right now, the whole 🌎 world is… Don’t be foolish, God is watching everything, testing the hearts of humankind, be obedient to Him in this chaos, dont end up ashamed for the path you took after this coronavirus, econimic, national crime -scene -hardship, is all said and done.

God is our Shepherd, WE SHALL have all that we NEED.

Trust God, seriously…HE ALWAYS knows what to do.

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