The Sad little Seed. (A Super Short Story)

A very, tiny, little seed fell hard onto the ground.

“Oh me, oh my, why have I fallen down?”

A squirrel came and pinched the seed and tried to gobble it up.

“Oh me, oh my, how is this life so tough!”

A little kid found the tiny seed and pushed it deep into the dirt, and threw more dirt on top of it.

“Oh me, oh my, I’m in over my head.”

The seed cried and cried little tears of sadness and dread.

The thunder rolled, the rain poured down, and still the seed cried out, “God why did you even dare to give me life?”

The months went by, the seed saw storms, the seed felt warmth from the radiant sun, and the seed had love inside, just as it was made.

The seed grew!

It grew and grew, stronger and stronger, with love, storms, and sunshine.

“God is love. 1st John 4:8.” The little seed danced along to the birds’ songs every morning.

Years went by, and that little mustard seed grew so tall, it could almost see the heavens.

It’s leaves saw the heavens more than the grounds of the Earth and though many storms still came by, that seed never lost hope again.

Cynthia Stankevich

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Have a good day, with God as a friend, everything will be ok.

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