The Only 100.000% effective Protection

Hand santizer cleans, but is only 99.9% effective ( or so they say,) and has never ever been 100% effective.

Every 💊 medication in existence may alleviate some symptoms, but is hardly 100% effective everytime, and always has some type of side effects that can become even life-threatening in of themselves if consumed way too long.

Now masks they may help a little, but they are by no means 100% effective. If you have a mask on and smell someone’s fart in the store or the stash theyve been smoking, that existence of the physical property of olfactory phenomena ( or smell,) is evidence that you are taking in smell particles through your mask because the only way to process a smell is for it ( the particles,) to go in through your nose and to be processed by your brain. The smell may be a lot less strong, due the mask being a barrier, but it is not 100% effective. If a gaseous smell goes through, wet sickening particles can even more strongly travel through.

So what on Earth do we do?! Buy a space suit and walk around with a lysol sprinkler circling and spraying outward from our bodies and never speak to anyone, till the return of Christ?


You’d probably have a heart attack at that point, in that state of paranoia.

The Holy Spirit helps us with our daily problems. Romans 8:26

The Holy Spirit can always be with us if we love God with our whole heart, soul, and might. That means though we may suffer due to the evil of this world and the sickness that came about and is breaking everything God made for us, (from our disobedience), God promises to never leave nor forsake ( Duet.31:6), those who rightly fear Him and obey His EVERY commandment.

Be humble. Get down on your knees and pray to God every single day, God is the ONLY PERFECT PROTECTION.

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