The Only remedy for Anger and Pain

I was trying to understand the concept of anger; deep reflection upon my own life maybe almost 10 years ago, what I was going through, the way I responded to it, and how I blamed God and pushed Him away during this time, helped me to realize some things….

When a person is really going through a lot personally, and it seems like everybody around you is smiling and hardly even struggling with half the weight you are carrying…

When others around you see you struggling, and instead of being encouraging or uplifting, laugh at you and make you feel smaller, or worse yet, walk right out of your life…

And in the midst of this you blame God and deny God, and hate His instruction, and instead try to do things your own way:

You will certainly become a very, very angry, bitter, person who blames and blames, and is endlessly hurt, seeks pity, and thrives off of pride, then justifies it with how hurt you have been.

Truly, honestly, I say this from having been there myself, the ONLY way to overcome personal suffering, hardship, unfairness, abandonment, pride, pain, and everything else entangled in these matters is:

To truly recognize what YOU too have done wrong in a bad memory you have, there are three sides to a story they say, it’s their side, your side, and then there is the TRUTH( the side God sees). And following this should be the forgiveness you have in your heart which involves choosing not to hold on to the pain forever, upon recognizing that EVERYONE says means things sometimes, acts rudely, and etc. whether intentionally or unintentionally as we are ALL broken, sinful people. That is why Christ died for us, so we stop playing the neverending blame game, but instead just drop it all and say ‘God I surrender, Christ already paid for it.’

Psalm 4:4New King James Version

(A)Be[a] angry, and do not sin.
(B)Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still. Selah

Forget about telling your side of the story in a way that makes you seem innocent and makes another person out to be a monster. It’ll come back to you; if someone is willing to gossip with you, you better believe it, they will gossip against when the troubled waters come again.

It’s better to bite your tongue, don’t be so quick to speak, tell it all to God, He will help you with it, in fact He is the ONLY one that will help you deal with it 100% appropriately.

And remember the devil doesn’t walk around in bright red with a pitchfork, the devil often disguises himself as an angel of light and works to destroy people and their friendships by planting angry, bitter, jealous, outrageous, hurtful, depressing, discouraging thoughts or dreams or feelings in everyone’s heads and trying to get people to act on them, through accusatory, hateful, belittling, wrathful speech, ( and that devil goes in for the kill not when we are ready to have self-control over how he uses our own loved ones and ourselves to destroy one another, but the devil acts when we are most weak, stressed, and already overwhelmed,) hateful words then can escalate into physical violence.

Pray. Ask God to give you clarity and show you the Truth when you feel confusing or painful thoughts rise inside you.

The sooner you realize how the devil really works, the more you realize how much more we all need God.

Though suffering is hard, a little suffering softens a heart, and if you ALSO let God mold you in the midst of it, by obeying him and fighting the every fire the devil will try to throw at you ( in prayer and obedience to God’s Word), you will soon realize God is making you more Christ-like with each day. The Holy Spirit makes this all possible, it’s not by our own strength, nor by our own might, but by the Spirit of God (Zec. 4:6).

God is the answer. God alone is capable of creating life. He made us all, we need the instructions to our lives that only our creator holds. Psalm 139. God loves you. Run to Him in prayer for everything, every single troubled thought, every single pain, He WANTS to help you.

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