God: The All-Wise Father

Praise God always. The plans He has for you have not gone anywhere, though your Faith in Him may have faltered.

God is not a genie. He doesn’t just let you hang-out with Satan, ( that devil’s pleasures will mess with you, confuse you, depress you, and rot your mental health,) and then act on your behalf to give you gifts on demand ( that would actually, probably just be harmful to you). God is a loving, all-knowing, perfectly holy, dad.

Real-life human parents who raise their kid’s up the right way:

Sternly, but still lovingly discipline behavior done purposely out of disobedience.

Teach patience, and do not always fly around to meet every one of their children’s demands instantly.

Let their kids learn on their own from mistakes, and not attempt to control their every decision and action. We gotta respect some free-will too.

Always love, even if a kid chooses the wrong path, but always seek to get them back on the right path.

Be a Godly example, and raise up a child learning the perfect wisdom found in God’s Word, so that our kids are actually equipped to make truly wise decisions and understand why one must obey God.


God is a parent to all of us, and He is The Only Perfect parent,( us humans try and fail, but learn and grow as we teach our children.)

We shouldn’t question God’s methods.

But we SHOULD obey Him, even when things seem harder than we can handle. And we should always trust Him, even through everything we can hardly understand. He is always there. He always knows exactly what He is doing.

Romans 8:28- All things will work together for good, for those that love God.

God never failed you, you just lost Faith.

Surrender, and let Him ‘catch you in a Trust fall’.

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