The true root of all evil I feel is the selfishness of a heart, that KNOWINGLY CHOOSES to disobey God.

Other gods of this world/ idols are NOT just shrines, hopeless religions that don’t prove to come through for one as they say, nor statues or people, false gods include ANYTHING at ALL that causes us to push THE God Almighty off to the side for the other obsession, activity, show, thoughts, immoral practice, evil friendships, alcohol, dirty thoughts, covetous thoughts, hateful, bitter thoughts, drugs, language, gossip, hate and anger, not trusting God and his provision of help, slandering, being ashamed to speak of God, not truly forgiving someone( thus not even believing in John 3:16,) etc.

As people in this crazy, confused, adulterous generation, we fail to realize that adultery before a HOLY HOLY HOLY God is NOT just sexual, it’s the act of worshiping the mentioned other ‘false gods’ of our own filthy hearts.

Babylon the Great ( all these false gods,) will be DESTROYED in God’s Wrath, we DESERVE HELL AGAIN AND AGAIN! WE are all super dreadfully sickeningly undeserved trash in all the issues WE have caused today on EARTH, from our every sinful, rebellious: decision, word, action, thought, etc.

By choosing to ‘worship false gods,’ we are choosing to push God and the protection, inner peace, strength, direction, and hope, that come with His Spirit, far away.

God is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beyond merciful, all we need to do is reach out to him with a sincere heart in deep humility, recognizing our absolute, saddening sin of disheartening disobedience, and HE will reach out, and from that point on you will be given a down payment so to speak of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and the process of Sanctification/ training to become more like Christ will be in His hands from there on out.

The training won’t be easy, but it is possible (Matt 19:26), through it all God’s kids will be refined like diamonds through the pressure that is meant for good (Romans 8:28), fight the good fight, fight temptation don’t ever sin that grace may abound(you will reap what you sow always); fight for what God has given you, your marriage, your family, your relationship with Him.

Jesus Christ will return, God promises, and God is incapable of breaking His promises.

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