Glory to God

When we trust God, and obey Him. His Spirit will fill us with the power to overcome all temptation, all obstactles, all struggle, all pain, all hurt, etc.

When we trust God and obey HIM, even the craziest, most stressful, most difficult, most impossible situations and circumstances, CAN be overcome.

It is not by fully by our own strength that this is accomplished, but by the Spirit that God gives us for depending on HIM and seeking Him.

Zec 4:6

The Lord is good to those who depend on HIM, to those who search for HIM. Lamentations 3:25

When we give glory to God even while suffering, we are telling God: “God I have faith in you, I believe in you, like Job, like Daniel, like Joseph, like David, like Moses, like Jesus, like Sarah, like Martha, like Mary, like Deborah, like Esther…. though I am suffering, I know you will answer me in your perfect timing, and until then I will fight the devil down to whatever may come, even death if so be it, to say I trust you God Almighty, because you are good, and always have been, and my obedience to you is crucial to my peace and survival, and you deserve all the Glory God for your mercy and grace given to me in my past, sinfully- painful to you- careless choices. I love you God.”

Do not fear what man can do to you. Trust God. He can send a legion of angels for your protection. God is good, YAHWEH deserves our Christ-like obedience.

Praise the LORD, even in the storm, because HE is not slow to answering prayer as we, as imperfect man consider slowness. God will deliver us. Believe it! 🙂

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