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There’s a lot of stress going around with online schooling, if this is your subject of struggle hope this helps:

A negative times a negative is a postive

A negative times a positive is a negative

A negative plus a negative is a negative

( just add the numbers like normal and keep the negative sign)

A positive plus a negative is the same as subtraction and take the sign of the larger number

F(x) =5x+7


y=F(x) ( y and F(x) are the same thing basically)

Plug 1, then 2 , then 3 into the formula: 5x+7

because 1, 2, and 3 are your x’s

5(1)+7= 12, 5(2)+7= 17, 5(3)+7= 22

Your f(x)’s aka y’s= 12, 17, and 22

X( x’s) y’s ( for y coordinate)


Your coordinates to graph:

( 1,12) x=1 y=12

(2,17) x=2 y=17

(3,22) x=3 y=22

To Graph:

Start with your first points: (1,12)

On a graph go to one on the x-axis (the horizantal flat axis,) and go up 12 and make a dot… ( 1,12)

Then go to two on the x-axis and up to 17 on the y ( vertical axis and make a dot. (2,17)

Last go to 3 on the x-axis an up to 22 and make a dot …


Connect the dots for your graph

May God bless!


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