Violence Only Brings more Violence

“Woah there’s a bear!”

A bear keeps its distance from some campers as it eats berries, does its business and runs away.

“Woah there’s a bear!”

A bear almost 9 feet tall flares its teeth, bellows deeply through the woods and then drops boomingly to the ground as it races towards some campers.

The prior knowledge of seeing what many bears have done in their natural habitat ( either on TV or from personal experience,) the very concept of the reality of just how often bears and all wild animals for that matter have lashed out to maul and massacre have naturally ingrained an automatic fear trigger in many individual’s minds upon meeting such strength and ferocity face-to-face.

For most, especially those who have never really grown up or been around animals before, fear of something that may or may not respect you ( and there is no telling when which will occur,) naturally causes a reaction of either FIGHT OR FLIGHT.

The same goes for human beings.

It does NOT matter what color you are.

If you keep neglecting the golden rule, and tend never to respect people, you are naturally and inevitably ingraining a fear in the minds of the others around you that will for the most part cause them to react unfavorably to your animal-like behavior out of a human tendency to seek survival.

Extremely sadly: if not only one person of a certain race, but many people of that same race or vocation, etc. repeatedly disrespect/ scare an individual, racism or prejudice nature starts to arise, as one may falsely start to associate viciousness with only a particular background of people.

Bottom line if you want respect, you gotta be respectful. If you want to be shot down like an angry bear coming toward a family of campers, behave like a vicious animal. People are ALL, only people after all, when we get scared we react. Black or white, police officer or civilian, people are people, we all get scared, we all struggle internally, we all suffer and face trials and pain. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

A soft answer, over a harsh one that will only stir up wrath, even to those who choose to be rude no matter what, will only help and never hurt ( more than we know).

Don’t be an angry 🐻 bear, God will deal with those that think they are getting away with evil, God’s wrath is beyond SCARY as it will ever get.

Be at peace. Don’t worry so much about things that appear out of your hands, God has everything in His hands. Sometimes we need to just be still in God, and not always try to make things happen.

God is Sovereign.

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