Why God Made Certain Rules

When it comes down to it all, you either stand for love or you side with hate, there is nothing else really.

What is love? Where is the all-powerful, never-failing force of love from? God. 1st John 4:8- God is love. But (God is also light) in order for love to never fail, there can be no trace of darkness in it, otherwise it isn’t truly love. 1st Corinthians 13:4:8- Love is patient, Love is kind, it does not envy, it is not proud, it does not dishonor others, it is not selfish, it is not easily- angered, it keeps no record of wrongs ( it surrenders hurt to God, and keeps going)….

It’s about the real, true intentions of our hearts, that God knows and sees( He sees our thoughts, He sees what we do, what our intentions truly are, no matter what they might seem like to others..)

Race is not a problem; purposeful expression of hate for certain races ( aka racism ) is.

Gender is not a problem; purposeful expression of hate for a certain gender (aka sexism) is.

Emotions are not a problem. A lack of compassion and patience for others who are struggling, is.

To a get a little more sensitive, and to try to understand why God made certain rules (which some think are unloving):

Homosexuality is not love God approves because: you do it not because you truly are in love nor because you love someone, (because true love is sacrafice, pain, selflessness, and suffering for someone and with someone no matter the circumstances, and remaining die-hard loyal, in thought, soul, and heart). You commit to homosexuality/ LGBTQ because you struggled internally with yourself, and were probably hurt by the opposite sex repeatedly (this is a sinful, selfish, God-hating world, so it happens), and instead of running into God’s arms during your struggle, you took the quick path to ‘Pleasure Island’ where you found another in your shoes, and ‘love’ came easy, but if you’re honest with yourself are you really level-headed in knowing who you truly are, or do you sleep disturbed and wake depressed, with a gaping hole in your heart that still didn’t get filled.

Abortion is not approved even for those sexually hurt: Of course you will need God to get through all this, do not even dare try to overcome it without His love, it’s impossible. But think about it, if love is sacrafice, love is selfless… We shouldn’t murder a life simply because we were hurt, murder is not the answer to cover up pain, it will only bring more haunting pain and depression.

If we all hurt someone everytime we got hurt, the world would look, well it would look like it does right now.

The Year of Complete Hatred and Selfishness: 2020

Next time youre hurting, try to remember God is right there, He is working this mess we caused all together for the good of those that obey Him (love Him).

Pornography, sex out of marriage, fornication, and adultery are not acceptable: Not only do they physically cause confusion, sexually transmitted diseases, a world void of trust, pain, slashed- broken, bitterly-crushed hearts, broken friendships and families, hatred, violence, murder, mental illness even from identity loss and fear, and on, and on…but spiritually we are destroying ourselves, destroying others, destroying the world, destroying a chance to understand just how real and miraculous God can work through us, had we listened and kept a pure heart ready for His Spirit to be poured into us.

Alcohol, drugs, pills, vape, etc are destructive also in that they all bog you down to the point of hardly even being perceptive any longer, you begin to rely on the substances to sustain you, when all you’re really doing is numbing yourself out of reality, you may as well be in a coma 🙁 because you’re constantly dumbing yourself out of reality, too scared to face it because you fed yourself the devil’s lie that God can’t do anything for you. It is possible to get through extreme trauma and suffering without a drop of man-made chemical substances.

Satanic worship is not love because, Satan is the epitome of defiance to God’s rules ( rules meant only to help us and give us peace), worshiping Satan, is the same as worshipping hatred, Satan does not love anyone, he does not care at all, and he sadly loves to cause you to suffer, just to waltz in and out of your life as if saying: “Hey want some more poison, it’s great, let’s die in agony together”[ realize though temptation comes in way craftier forms, Satan may try to do his evil work against you, using a friend of yours who has already fallen and is easily tempted to invite you here or there or offer you this or that, he may throw a song at you with a subtle, but very misleading message, when you’re feeling really lost & down, he may lead you to watch a movie that puts ungodly thoughts in your mind, he can give you dreams and lying, silly dream interpretors to lead you way off course, he can bring jealous thoughts in our minds from commercials made by individuals confused by our culture, he can keep sending strange signs that have nothing to do with God’s Word to confuse us, he can cause us to be isolated from others, build pride and wrath and disobedience in our hearts, he can try to scare us into thinking this or that is gonna happen or is true,on and on); don’t put yourself there. Captivate your thoughts in Christ. Always immediately pray to God for clarity when faced with fear, trials, temptation, confusion. Pray, pray, and pray. Flee far from the darkness.

Lies, jealousy, pride… divide, destroy relationships, and prevent God from being able to mold you in a fire of suffering, to make you the diamond you were meant to be.

God loves you, cry out to Him, He will not force you to call upon Him, it’s gotta truly be from your heart, love is never forced. Love is 1st Cor. 13:4-8

Some fruit of the Spirit, that produced from love, which in of itself also is love: Patience cannot be faked, forgiveness cannot be faked, joy in suffering cannot be faked,( etc ) real love cannot be faked, God is the ultimate genius, Love NEVER fails. God is love. And therefore, God NEVER fails!

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