God Never Leaves us Should We Earnestly Seek Him

Torch of Christ Ministries

Our body is the temple of God

[Meant to be filled with HIS Holy Spirit]

‘We do not get better to come to God, we come to God as we are, to get better.’

Anything sinful that we allow to fill the temple God has given us, will grieve the Holy Spirit and cause a wide range of issues in our lives. From maritial struggles, mental illness, physical illness, identity issues, self-hatred, covetousness, lusts, legal ramifications, diseases, etc.

Sin brings suffering.

There is a spiritual realm. Phenomena beyond what we see on the surface; there is God, the angels, and the devil and evil spirits/ demons that influence and attack.

Sin causes damage on the spiritual level beyond what we can even see or completely understand, hence why God asks us to obey HIM, so we don’t find ourselves being attacked/ damaged beyond what we may even comprehend.

‘Overcoming the flesh’ [ fully repenting of sins with the help of the Spirit and sincere whole-hearted prayer,] ‘and drawing ourselves closer to God,’ through bible reading, continuing in obedience, and focused prayer from our hearts, will help us be able to know/ understand that God is there even in the darkest of times.

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