Phillipians 2:4

New American Standard 1977 
do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.

The stigma is rampant that all homeless people or people struggling severely financially, are: drug addicts, lazy, mentally gone, dangerous, and/ or criminal.

Let me break that stigma right now, because I’m in that struggle and it is horrible, and painfully unnecessary. But yet it’s like a vicious blackhole in the hands of this oppressive self-seeking world. I never stop moving all day, working until my hands bleed sometimes, I am not even kidding, so please do not call me lazy. I have never done drugs in my entire life. I have no criminal record, and on top of this I was valedictorian, and did finish a Bachelor’s degree at a prestigious college, all the erroneously nonsensical criteria that’s supposably gonna land you some kind of high paying dream job (that sure didnt happen, until this day my every job application continues to come back with, “Unfortunately we decided to move forward with our decision, you did not fully meet the qualifications we are seeking.” So often these days, just $3.00 feels like it’s crucial to survival for the month.

This is so WRONG! And NOT just for myself and my own family, but for many, many, MANY, MANY other families out there, that are trying to keep it together on hardly any resources and with hardly any support, just to be judged, and then questioned up and down, and convicted for letting tears roll out in desperation; questioning them like: “Oh my gosh what’s wrong with you, I think they have medication for your pain.”

I have watched a little girl at the flea market, where I tried to sell some used stuff, ask her mom if they had clothes for her, because she seriously looked like hers were overly used, I wish I had her size to just give her, even though I was struggling, because it hurt to see her hurt, and it’s a pain I’ve understood. I have seen the face of a homeless person with tears well up in their eyes from just handing them something to drink. I’ve felt for the little kids that ask their mom and dad why they couldn’t eat out like the other kids, just to watch their parents tug them home in helplessness because they did not have enough.

There are hard-hearted people with more vicious intentions that are filthy rich, well-off, and cruel, than are the drug-addicts on the street. There will always be evil everywhere, until Christ returns. But for those: families, individuals, countries, children, that you can lend a hand to, even if it is just a simple gesture of kindness, even if it is just a bottle of fresh water, or if it is greater because you can easily supply the means to do so, please do so. Please stop living for yourselves, so many people are oppressed, and it makes being a genuine hearted person a whole lot harder, when youre bombarded in woes and outcasted as a bum.

I want to start a GoFundMe to help various, different causes, yes of course including my own family. Please don’t be cruel, if you do not want to donate even a dime, please at least share the link:

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