God WILL Deliver!

If you are struggling. Please do not think you are alone. If you are broken- hearted, if your health is in jeopardy, if you do not know where you will find money to pay the bills, if you are so stressed out…. I challenge you to be a warrior, and in your weakness find your strength in God. Surrender it all, just for a moment, believe with all your heart, as if your life depended on it, because it does, that everything is seriously going to be ok. Everything will be ok, because God is very real. And soon God WILL act, maybe not in the way you think He should, but God will move in a way that is GREATER than we could ever imagine, a way that will benefit all His people all at once, a way that no human is capable of ever fulfilling. God will get the glory He deserves. God will reach down and help His people, as He always has, time and time again. Just trust Him. Just trust the Almighty, all Holy God. Put on your armor and fight the good fight, of faith, with: righteousness, love, and peace! Let us overcome! Tell Satan to stand back, Christ will come! Pray, read your bible, pray and pray, and never fear! God comes NOT with a spirit of fear, but with love that overcomes all fear!

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