God Knows, He Never Stops Working

Faith is not just walking blindly ‘in things unseen,’ saying ‘God will defend my defiance’, but faith in God is taking the time to hear His voice in our thoughts and seek His direction and guidance and wisdom in all circumstances. We must captivate our thoughts in Christ. God’s Word alone, in all perfectly pure context is the truth. Sometimes we want answers immediately, but the answers come from waiting patiently in trials, enduring through severe hardships, and persevering until God fully vindicates you for the glory of His great name!

It is awful when we as people just washed the dishes, scrubbed the toilet, cooked a five star meal that caught on fire and unfortunately had to be thrown to the racoons outside, (so nobody actually saw it,) and then someone sees you sitting like a lump on a chair five minutes after all that and they say: “Why don’t you ever do anything around here!”

Imagine how God feels, when we say that about Him never doing anything or never answering us, God never stops working on His kids’ behalf. We just need to put our hearts in the right humble place to stop being blind and realize it.

We may not see a way or any obvious solution in certain situations and problems; and it may leave us anxious, depressed, and outraged. But we need to be ok sometimes with Not knowing how to solve something when we are completely at loss for answers. It is in those moments that we are to prove the genuine love for God in our hearts, and just trust Him completely.

God is Holy and never ever fails, and can’t fail. Sometimes all we need to do is know that everything IS GOING to work out, how? We may not know, but we gotta be ok with not having all the answers all the time. We are in the best hands, God’s hands. ( Not Allstate’s 😜, not human’s)

God is always good.💪❤

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