‘Hope in Front of You’

Listen up, we do not need to clean ourselves up to come to be God’s friend. We can come as we are, crying out to God- as broken, sin-scarred, rebels, and God will do the work for us over time.

Sometimes all we see is a disaster, a mess, a situation that today’s culture may call toxic, a ‘story that could never end well’, hopeless, and pointless… But where there ARE HEARTS THAT WANT to obey God, truly, truly OBEY God, over time, though things will be hard beyond imagination, death-like almost, God CAN and WILL make beauty of ashes if you NEVER give up, but instead keep obeying HIM in the hellish storm.

God is here. Watching everything that goes on, trying to speak to you by inspiring within you: thoughts of goodness, and purpose.

Recently inspired by the Spirit to my husband, the fact that the mark of the beast, 666, may be cellphones. Phones/ social media have destroyed our communication and thus love for one another. A chip ‘ held in the hand’ that transfers to the orbs lodged in our ‘forehead’ thus transferring and infecting our brains like a virus, ‘ an idea is the most dangerous thing in existence,’ -Inception ( HENCE WHY WE NEED TO READ OUR BIBLES, TO TRULY KNOW GOD’S WORD AND AVOID DECEPTION FROM SATAN AND TODAY’S CULTURE- CAPTIVATE YOUR EVERY THOUGHT IN CHRIST).

Our real purpose in this life cannot be discovered without God. He made us, no one is an accident. He knew what we were for even while inside our mother’s womb. It takes Faith in GOD and selflessness to have kids in this crazy world, but it is God’s design. Imagine our story written in the Bible if it continued after Revelation, what would be said of your decisions? They supressed the power of the Holy Spirit, worshipping Baal methods of physicians out of selfish desires and unbelief, or they obeyed the LORD on High because HE NEVER changes?

God today is the same God that parted the Red Sea and brought upon wicked Egypt the plagues in order to save HIS people time and time again. Our minds have given up on miracles, that God CAN STILL DO. He can take a complete mess, a complete hopeless looking situation, and do a mighty work in it, that no human could ever do.

When we are weak, we are strong. When we cannot take it, cannot handle it, are ready to give up….cry out to God, HIS Spirit comes upon us, in grace that always comes right before a breaking point( because God never lets us be tempted beyond what we can handle,) God will give us HIS strength right in the perfect moment.

Sometimes all the wisdom in the world, all the reasoning of today’s culture just cannot line-up with the way God chooses to get things done in accordance with HIS own plans, HIS way of doing things sometimes is simply beyond our understanding.

Let me tell you from experience, a lot of the time, God’s way of doing things can look like nothing but a complete mess; seemingly unfair a lot of the time, almost** causing an aneurysm many times, but low and behold you come to realize later on looking back at every little crazy thing: “Wow! That only made me stronger. Wow, HE really does know what HE is doing, God is a genius💜🙌 ( understatement).”

Faith in God a lot of the time is like bungee jumping. The hardest part, the most scary part of all, is letting go…surrendering to God is the same as such; when things are completely out of our hands, we need to surrender, GOD HAS IT, believe it! Even if there is no immediate evidence God has it in HIS hands, if you keep on praying, obeying, and trust HIM, He will show you HE is able, He is real, and HE hears us.

Stop running to more sin to ease your pain! You’re only stopping yourself from discovering who God made you to be. Sin grieves the Spirit and the ability to hear and understand God.

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