Love Never Fails

The way, the TRUTH, the life= God

( John 14:6)

God= Truth, purpose, life, direction, and understanding of life.

God= pure 1st, then love. ( 1st John)

To captivate all thoughts in Christ ( 2nd Corinthians 10:5)…

Means to apply, believe, and accept, and carry out ONLY thoughts that are pure 1st and then love ( 1st Cor 13:4-8)

Those are the ONLY thoughts God inspires into us.

Everything bitter, fearful, hateful, grudging, jealous, hurtful, self-pitying, proud, angry, unforgiving, self-hating, sinister, causing evil suspicions, or uncontrolled, etc..are either of our own sin or of Satan trying to deteriorate us and cause us to lose hope and lose life.

Pure 1st and then love( it is how we ‘test the spirits’ 1st John 4:1-5.)

Pray when you feel weak, pray together when you are struggling. It takes humility, but it is how you conquer during hardship.

Some days will be like bootcamp, but grace will ALWAYS come, remember that.

Sometimes as broken people we don’t need judgement or correction, we don’t need to go see a doctor or we do not need to be treated as an uncontrolled beast that belongs in cage..sometimes if humility is there, one may just need: comfort, reassurance, an encouraging word, a hug, a letter of hope, and the reminder that: God will always come through for His people. Never give up!

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