Family, Heaven’s blueprint and God’s design

“What’s wrong with the world mama, people acting like they ain’t got no mama!” -Black Eyed Peas

Where to start? With love? Well sure, it is oh so obvious, this world needs love!

But what is love? Who even made love, where did love come from, how did love even start??

Do you want to believe life started with love, or life started with bacteria and energy? The truth is love!

“Father, Father, help us, send some guidance from above..”

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1

God. IS. LOVE! 1st John 4:8

Therefore you can conclude if God is love and God is the beginning, love is from God.

No God in this world ( or basically us humans choosing to live as though God doesn’t exist) means what? If God is love.

So is love… whatever pleases us and we should all respect everyones different desires of pleasures, including sexuality and lifestyle?


“Well that’s so stupid, I’m not even gonna read the rest of this article, that is so closed minded, so self-centered, everyone should be free to do whatever they want, this is a free country!” Someone may 😡 pout!


Our human wisdom is limited in comparison to God’s unfathomable understanding, it keeps us humans so rightly humble to not understand everything, God’s wisdom will always surpass ours.

So God’s design for family is perfect! He knows what HE is talking about, I’d hope none of us have that much pride to stand before God and tell The ALMIGHTY HE doesnt know what HE is talking about.

Hence Satan. Do you like the world today? Satan said he had a better way, look at the world today.

One man & one woman, and children if it is God’s will. One man working and the woman caring for the children. I mean obviously there are broken circumstances in this broken world, but hopefully we will begin to understand why, and the importance of obeying GOD. And for some God ordained to just draw close to HIM even if single.

If man does not obey God, man is deceived and acts out of behavior absent of love, if man is deceived, he deceives other men, and these men begin to act unlovingly, if an employer happens to be one of these men, he will treat his employees unlovingly and they will in turn go home to their wives and take out their pain on their wives in forms of aggression or verbal abuse. The wife will in turn feel unloved and hurt and act in contention towards her children who will in turn feel unloved and will begin to abuse/ bully other children at school. 1st Peter 3

It’s the saddest chain reaction ever, and it all begins with disobeying God.

If you want to destroy the world starting speaking hatefully to people. Covid isnt worth it, cancer, starvation, bipolar, homelessness, all the effects of sin. and disobeying God are not worth it!

Being still in God, carrying a cross in moments of fire as Christ did, is worth it❤☀🕊

In the midst of this, things get even worse, instead of recognizing we need God as his created and loved people, we turn to the pleasures of this world instead of crying out to God to stop the madness.

We make even more madness by thinking we are supposed to be homosexual or we need a new spouse or we need drugs or alcohol or to mess around….:/ truth is, all we ever needed was God, and to obey HIM by the power of HIS Spirit.

Married couples, you are a team! You got this! Satan wants you to rip each other apart, it is his awful way of trying to destroy God’s work with God’s own created people.

Don’t compare or try to keep record of who does more or who is better…work ❤ together




and Spirit

.. your vibe, as some may call it

Adrenaline- fired anger and speech does not help anything.

Practice what you preach.. Your words and your actions, do they match or are you a hypocrite?


Make it or break!

If you’re gonna question someone, accuse someone, or act like you cannot trust someone, you’re gonna destroy a good thing.

It takes trust to get trust back.


Love is a sacrifice ( John 3:16) the cycle of madness stops when a person decides to make a sacrifice, love covers a multitude of sins.

The truth does not hurt if it is spoken in perfect love and a receiver is humble. Instead the bible says, the truth shall set us free.

Love (1st Cor. 13:4-8)

It’s a God thing. It’s a good thing. It’s where life begins.

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