The Depth of Selfish- ness

We often use words like: lazy, selfish, angry, bitter, envious, rude, arrogant, and depressed; but to use these words without paying attention to what is going on on a deeper level, is ignorance and leads to misunderstanding of what may be really going on in someone’s heart.

‘Selfish’ is a word we use so often, but I think a lot of us are missing the point in a vast blindness of self-righteousness, some of us are forgetting simple things like ‘old fashioned’ manners and chivalry or morals in a world that has made ‘spunky, uncaring’ attitudes seem cool.

Some people who feel others are being selfish may themselves be guilty of such as well.

To be selfless means to actually go out of the convenience of our own lives and schedule to take the time and heart to acknowledge others and serve wherever there is work to be done.

When we do work as God’s kids we do it not just for people, but we are doing a favor for God, so to speak, we are working for God; He fills us with His Spirit, and we allow Him to use our hands and feet ( almost like the movie Ratatouille) to obey Him and do the work He needs done.

Embarrassment and Pride are opposites but are equally as hurtful. If God gave us a gift deep within us or blessed us with possesions or something else heaven-sent, just as everything else in life we must get guidance from God as we obey His direction and wisdom and have a lot of patience and Faith to ensure that we are on track with God’s timing. Basically if God gave us a talent, a dream, a child to raise, other materials or finances even etc to be stewards of, we must obey God on how to carry out or manage or raise or love or bless others with whatever it is He has granted us. To give up on a dream because of embarrassment is as bad a saying I do not fear you Lord I fear what imperfect and broken man thinks of me.

God’s timing is impeccable!🙌 obeying Him requires lots and lots and lots of endurance and perseverance, FAITH, trusting Him, and often taking things just moment by moment, enjoying each and every precious moment of life the way God would have it, and not making our own plans out of God’s will.

Selfishness is deeper than what we even realize, it is the acceptance of false ideas of this broken culture and world and not trusting or fully believing in God; God is sovereign God is still the God of miracles. Stay close to Him, and get rid of idols ( 1st commandment) and let Him help you overcome your fears and you will begin to understand.🙌🍃🕊

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