Becoming God’s Friend

Like a phone with a broken speaker that works to speak into, but is malfunctioning in its ability to hear others….God can try to reach you, convict you, touch your heart, try to encourage you as He catches your every falling tear, but if you are not striving, TRULY STRIVING with all humility and a completely pure heart, broken and contrite in spirit, here in this warzone of life on Earth, to be a servant and not be served, God literally can’t hear you on the 💔 ‘broken phone line’.

It’s like the Chemistry concept of solubility. If we are like greasy gasoline, we cannot mix with pure water.


The only way to draw close to Him is to STRIVE towards holiness. Zech 4:6

If you believe you had a moment in life where you got saved, or were ‘born again,’ only the Holy Spirit can convince you of such. And yes Christ paid for all of our sin, so we arent in a competition to see who can do the most acts of goodness. But we do have freewill, and we must use that freewill to always make upright decisions, because we LOVE GOD.

If we love someone, and that someone knows very well what’s best for us, but we continuously disobey for our own selfish reasons, we are only acting out of complete selfishness.

An example of freewill:

Peer pressure at school and someone asks you to skip class and go get high with them. Even if we had already had that born again moment, doesnt mean just go ahead and sin that grace may abound. In fact if you give into the peer pressure, you not only are severely damaging yourself, but also your ability to be close to God, your friendship with God, and your ability to reach HIM in prayer, unless sometimes, someone, staying close to God is able to pray on your behalf. Hence why we MUST ask others to pray for us, and/ or why we must always pray for others.

The real Truth about God can take you Higher than any blunt by the way, in a way that will set you free and keep your mind alive and sound and healthy.

Amos 9:9-10

Watching an invisible plan unfold requires trust. In order to trust a friend we must not betray them so they are likewise equally there for us. Trusting God requires LOYALTY to HIM. Loyalty to God sometimes does mean always standing up for the TRUTH, in love and humility, even if we look ludicrous, or sound like a weirdo.

Conquer the flesh, its like a spiritual bipolar,we are constantly in a battle to want the evils that the world wants & in spirit to rise above the flesh and walk in Godliness

Book of James & Romans 6

Conquer with the tools God has given us, His wisdom found in His WORD the Bible, Holy Love: Christ’s example, incessant prayer, any gifts/ talents he has given you to help bring others to the light, with output being a sound mind and fruits of the spirit.

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