Love in Marriage is Not What We 🤔 Think

A damsel in distress bravely rescued from the depths of despair in a dastardly act of love, by some handsome prince riding on a sturdy white charger; Fairy Tales like this is not real life, is just not real love.

A very important lesson that I have learned about romantic love today, is that it is not by any means, always that romantic. Love will take the worst out of you, but when you love someone and you know it deep within your heart, you will fight for your love even if everyone around you thinks you are a bit stupid. If a person truly, truly wants God in their life, marriage will work. God is the answer to the very thing HE created, a more peaceful union in marriage between one man and one woman.

The beauty in romance is enjoying the simple and precious moments of life on the days God gives grace and peace, and surrendering things to God that are out of our control on tumultuous days.
The beast of romance is the phenomenon of all of our sins slowly being taken out by our spouse and others around us, and choosing not to be so easily offended by anything, but to learn and to grow.
My husband always challenges me, his faith was almost the illusion of jumping off a cliff in full act of surrender to the LORD. My faith was very, very cautious for the longest time and reverently reserved. This is where opposites attract makes complete sense. I was a compliment and balance to my husband’s chaos, and he challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and overcome so many fears, insecurities, and internal struggles.
One breezy afternoon driving down a mountain park near home, something musta possessed my husband to feel the absolute need to drive into a monastery that was at the bottom of the hill.
“ Let’s go home now, it’s getting late!” I shouted.

“ Jezebel! Job’s wife! You submit!” He piped back.

“ Submit does not mean you behave like Hitler!”

“ Women are to submit to their husbands!”

After that, I did not speak with my husband again for months on end. But even though time may have been needed apart from one another to grow up a little more, I knew my marriage belonged to God, so I swallowed my pride to dust myself off and get back up to try again.
And now I can honestly say: God can indeed make beauty of ashes, and diamonds of dust! Our marriage has put us through fire and sent us down the deepest, darkest valleys, but in it all, because we have always sought the light, God stays by our side even when HIS plans are way beyond our understanding.

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