DNA – stretches very far

They say one’s DNA 🧬 strand can stretch extremely far, and people in certain universities have researched long and hard to discover the mystery of cracking the “code” of a human beings DNA ingredients and the “missing” puzzle piece needed in Lifes equations in order for a person too “Live” forever, and “not grow old” and die..

They found and trieder and errored and kept trying, with whatever methods of operations they deemed possible, yet nothing seemed too avail, too “crack the code” of Life-Ongoingness…

Some story goes on of a certain Christian man rejoicing in the discovery of something interesting found in a human beings DNA, in that it points to something found in what the Bible describes as “the Book 📖 of Life”

Revelation 13:8 says

“All who live on the earth will worship it, everyone whose name was not written from the foundation of the world in the Book of Life of the Lamb who was slaughtered”

This passage is speaking about a last Days “Beast” that will rise up and deceive/coerce people too worship “it”

John 3:16

Says: God so loved the 🌎 World, that He gave His only son, that anyone who believes in him, will not perish, but have Eternal Life.

J.C. is known as the Saviour of the World

Jesus Christ.

No other name, is deemed as such, in all of History, rightly so, as God destined one Saviour for this Planet, and if we listen too God, it will be well with us, Forever

For God knows what’s best, and cannot lie.

Babylon the Great: The World Empire, and False Religion, will be judged one Day, and that day is coming like a freight Train 🚂 broken of brakes, sooner or later, Jesus Christ will return, too take His children Home..

Be apart of His 👑 kingdom, of glory and honor and peace and so much more..

and not the kingdom of “it”

The beast, world system, and false religion

May God bless you all, and keep the Faith of joyous obedience too God and His commandments!

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Will your DNA reach Heaven



John 3:3 – be ye Born 🐣 Again!

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