How God Sees Us

God did not send Christ to condemn everybody. God never told Christ, make every sinner feel bad about themselves for the sin they have done.

Strangely enough, the ones that are sinning do indeed see already what they are doing wrong (it’s offensive to others when we underestimate their intelligence,) and these sinners though they may scoff in pride in public, sit at home and cry and do not know where to find real answers to set themselves free from guilt, pain, shame, jealousy, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, stress, emotional distress or mental imbalance.

God is the answer.

God sent Christ not to tell people, “Hey you know you messed up and I wanna point it out about 1000 times, and make you feel lower so you can cry yourself to sleep everyday for the rest of your life till its time for you to go to hell.


GOD sent Christ for sinners, because sinners need hope, because sinners need second chances. No one is perfect. So we all need what Christ is offering. Hope in the midst of nothing but hopelessness. A bright light in nothing but darkness.

The very, very important thing that we do not realize though, is that like the law of attraction, and physical property of solubility, or the concept that light and darkness are literally incapable of being mixed together… Every sin we PURPOSELY, KNOWINGLY commit, we are becoming filled with more darkness, or more dirt so to speak, and that dirt and darkness is literally, you can even say scientifically separating us from God.

God loves to help us do spring cleaning in our hearts, he may also allow suffering to be like a hefty buffer to take down Jericho Walls of hatred, fear, pride, and wrath that we’ve made with our sinful dirt. After the hefty cleaner, more suffering may be used to scrub deeper, and then He wants to shine us up, if we can just obey Him in the midst of it all. He will make a lot of diamonds out of us from the fire and pressure we all go through. God loves to make beauty of ashes. GOD WANTS TO MAKE PARADISE ON EARTH ( BOOK OF EZEKIEL). We just need to pray to Him from our heart and let Him clean us up with His powerful, Holy Spirit that moves in miraculous ways. Romans 8:28

Goal: to stop fights, never use the word “you” as the first word of a sentence when talking to someone, it indicates and insinuates accusation and blame (/God says not to blame nor keep a record of wrongs(/aka digging up the past), it is a sin too). Such as “You are the reason this happened, or remember when you or you are so lazy…” Instead maybe try saying, I wanted to discuss something… when you said hurt me.. Etc). Also try just focusing on your own wrong, ( it takes two to argue, no one is innocent), and apologize, while NOT pointing out and identifying the other person’s every sin. 🙏 Pray. Let God do His job now, transforming by the power of His Spirit, over time.

One day be a Spring Cleaning day, the next will most likely be filled with grace and rest.

God is so good. 100% Holy

Never give up the good fight of Faith. Cry out to God in prayer from your heart, for exactly what you need help with. Reach out to your brothers and sisters to be a listening and patient ear and a loving and understanding heart. No judgement. Just dependability.

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