How to Train Your Dragon

A parable on calming the monster called: Fear, inside our minds.

Rule#1 Never let your dragon gaze upon movies filled with violence, corruption, or sexual content- what his eyes take in, travels to his thoughts, and gets planted in his heart, then he may actually attack.

Rule#2 Always read the Word of God to your dragon, otherwise he may get confused about where he is and what really matters, this may result in psychosis or hysteria

Rule#3 Always take your dragon out to socialize with at least one person each day, even if they only see him, and not even compliment him, otherwise you may end up with a nervous wreck of a creature who will never want to go outside ever again

Rule#4 Sing your dragon to sleep and pray with him always when he has insomnia, if he wakes up with nightmares do not scream at him to take a chill pill, simply assure him that not every dream is a Joseph- like God- given hint

Rule#5 Start each day the right way with God’s Word, to set the ground for the Truth of what really matters most, make sure you roll her out of bed early even at 3am if necessary to at least get one scripture in

Repeat, and if she breathes fire, give her grace, and love her still, just don’t hug her until the fire sizzles away unless you feel like being toasted

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