Prayer for Peaceful Communication

When husbands speak to their wives, prayer is especially important beforehand, because a wife in an irrational mood will throw words that cut like daggers. It is important to approach difficult conversations during a time when you can give each other undivided attention, and are both humble and at peace, hence able to speak in the Spirit of God and not the wrathful, sinful, pitiful, covetous, greedy, uncaring, lustful, hateful flesh.

A husband should essentially speak as Christ did in the sense that he should sound like a teacher talking to a student when he is speaking to his wife; patient, trying to take the time to help his wife understand by explaining his unique, puzzle-esque thoughts in a way that his wife can actually follow along. This is loving, not to run a trigonometry level student over( so to speak) with calculus level methods and to make fun of.

Never blame, never bring up old dirt.

Communication ☎️ is terribly complicated.

Much prayer is needed whenever we have a conversation with anyone.

Words literally have the power to bring life or cause death.

I mean…if in the beginning was the WORD

and if all God did was SAY, “Let there be light” and light came to be…

WORDS are of divine origin, archetypical, powerful, and even dangerous.

We must pray constantly to bridle our tongues, season our words with salt, and speak like Jesus did.

Little children, have good days and bad days just like us adults, to teach them to obey us and fear the LORD, we must pray constantly for patience to grow more and more in meekness and gentleness to treat them with love, acknowledging that they too have a mind with their own brilliant ideas, and obedience does not mean to be robotic.

It is difficult enough for us as big people to describe our emotions with words, our little people require lots of grace, knowing that they get the same emotions, but with a limited vocabulary to describe what is going on.


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