Faith of a Mustard Seed

God can move mountains, is not just a heart pumping song, nor is it an exaggerative idea, God CAN move mountains, you better believe it.

God CAN divide the sea. HE did it in Moses’ day, if he felt it had good purpose right now, you betcha he can do it again!

People’s minds are infected with techonogical rituals, “ONE DAY THIS EARTH WILL BE RAN BY ROBOTS” HA!  That day is TODAY!

We are all the robots, stupid oversimplified boring extremely confunded scientific statistical answers for BRILLIANCE FROM ASTOUNDING MIRACLES OF LIFE AND INTERESTING NON- COINCIDENTAL stuff happening EVERYDAY.  You better believe it’s God, he inspires all greatness, he is inspiring myself to write this at this very moment. Science: umm there are some accelerated activity per se on the extraneous quarks of dark matter that are somehow identified in our genus that shows our mom came from this green pigmented bacteria…. BOLOGNA!( Hey bologna is good, but what is it?)

Scientists can discover with inspiration from God what has already been explained by God in his word, but

Eph 3:20, 1Cor4:7

“Science only goes so far, and then comes God…”- “The Notebook”




Hearts Filled With Empty Love

This world is filled with givers, so many donate to charities,  organizations, churches, buy others gifts, or make “sacrifices” for individuals. But something is still very wrong. What can it be? I mean how on Earth can this be wrong in anyway?

These givers are not  all cheerful givers, these sacrifices they make are half-heartedly. Many people nowadays are giving and “sacrificing,” or doing friends favors, with thoughts sitting in the back of their mind that include: ” I’ll do it cause it is gonna make my reputation look real real good, there is something in it for me, I know I can get something out of this, (or sole concentration on) “Karma will reward me/ God will bless me.”

Jesus Christ sacrificed his ENTIRE being, it would be very saddening to read of  God’s only begotten son throwing his left toe on the line and no more, to save us.  And he expected nothing in return, it was SELFLESS LOVE.  IT WAS REAL LOVE.

REAL LOVE IS SELFLESS LOVE! Not half-heartedly, not contemplation on rewards/ blessings that can come your way if you do this cute thing, and that sour then sweet- but- still- sour- at- the core- thing.

REAL LOVE can CONQUER all, real love can help  people  give up  all kinds of addictions  including: video games, gambling,  sheer stupidity, Stuff beyond the Rate of R, social media  and technology obsession, drugs, and thugs, and animal rugs. These addictions can get you in a stuck mindset, a trap,  that keep you from realizing how much damage you are even really doing to yourself and those around you,  real love, selfless love, Jesus love can get you out of that trap, wake you up, change the world, your world,  your dog’s world, every world that exists.

Love ONE another people, the real way not with the zombie kind of way.

John 13:34

And if you are very able please help my brother out: Just directly like, “Hello here ya are Ricardo Wub sir, a dollar and a dime, it’s great to meet you again soon one day!” 😀

or  The MARY KAY way. Ooih la la!

Thank you, 1-2-3  bye :B



Woah! What’s Going On!

What are you doing? What are you really doing?

Everything in life has consequences, or problems that happen because you did something you did not really think much about during the time in which it happened; your mind was pretty much using cruise control for way too long. Get in gear!

There is a good reason God’s people are referred to as sheep, it is not because sheep are stupid creatures, because sheep are not at all as stupid as you think.  Sheep like following a leader, if the leader walks large and talks even louder than their puffy walk, but speaks no sense at all, a lot of sheep still just follow that leader and let that leader do all the thinking, but never ever stop to think for themselves. This can be very dangerous. Have discretion in what you hear, or what you read, or what is being said by the puffy sheep of the world.

Puffy sheep in action:

exhibit a.

Garbage in the pretty water 🙁  Ick sick, blegh… Just because one lil nasty decides to leave their bloody lifetime supply of cheese and crackers behind at the lake you go to this Summer. Do Not follow that puffy sheep! This is where you choose to be your own leader and Leave No Trash Behind! Sure you say who cares it is just one napkin, but the moment you say that, you are choosing to follow the puffy sheep, and the next person will come along and follow too, and the next, and the next after the next…again, and again, until you are no longer going to a lake, but instead to the dump. Trash is more than just trash, it is disease, it is illness of all kinds, it is suffering, it is the death of our world, our home, and our happiness.


exhibit b.

The way you have to live; who said you have to go to a University for years and years till you are swimming in a pool with negative piles of dollars,  subject yourself to a job you detest and have to slave away too, pony up your slavery wages and buy a huge house that belongs to the government the day you decide you do not feel like doing  slaving anymore, then resort to damaging behaviors such as mindless gambling, selling chemical broccoli that takes away your mind’s control panel, then finally die and have to pay for dying. It is  a beautiful thing, working hard, and making great things happen it is, but those great things happen when you stay close to God and realize that we are not here for ourselves, but for him and his glory and our rewards are not on Earth, but in heaven or paradise.  It does not matter if you want to be an ice cream man or a heart surgeon, do not pursue a life for reasons meant only to impress the unpleasable, or make happy the ones who aren’t willing to be there when things get sad; there are times for lamentation. Remember we are here today for God, because this life is EXTREMELY TEMPORARY on Earth, pass your tests and know you will Never be tested beyond what you can handle.

Read God’s Word the bible



Why Sometimes Foregiveness Appears Unforgivable

Life gets wild sometimes. People seem to hurt you, break you, and harden your heart, directly or indirectly. You say you forgive them, or sometimes say sorry for closure, but it may seem sorry is not good enough.
Here is the thing:  People’s last impression of you may not be the same as your last impression of them, you may remember something happy, they may be bitter or holding a grudge. Their last impression of you may have had overwhelming impact on them that it clouds their mind to remembering any good. Such negative feelings on their part often arise  because of a trigger that may have nothing at all to do with you, but simply that you sparked a  backdraft of a fire from their past they were scared to return to. Open-hearted communication, though often times may seem too serious, soul-revealing, and awkward, is what is needed. Communicating with anyone other that the person you have strife with should NOT occur, unless in a professional setting, counselors, or advisors and such. Directly speaking with the individual you are having tension or worries with, in person, peacefully and openly should soften a lot, if not all the bumps.

If a person you are having problems with seems to dwell in negativity. Help negative persons from a distance only, too close and their droopy, unnerving demeanor will leak into you, causing wrath and despondency in your own heart.

Life is so temporary, most fights are futile, people always worry about money, houses, cars, and bling, our lives go just as fast as all of that, 100$ is pretty much nothing in this day of hardship, if you feel the need to fight over material, have a seat, drink some lemonade, ponder carefully and realize the life of someone you love can go as fast as the Ben Franklins, or the shiny Beamer, and what is going to be more important to you in the end, being with family in the Paradise of God, or overspending time on things that will keep you from your true happiness, love, an everlasting peace.

Finding your Happiness

Where is God when you cannot take things any longer, when you feel your prayers are not answered…

He is everywhere, but he is not in your heart.

God loves us more than our boundaries on perception of love. He is a God of love, so why do you cry yourself to sleep at night, why do you suffer so much?

The answer is:  There are things you do that are of the World, James 4:4, 2 Cor 4:18. The World is Satan’s territory, when you live like the world, you play a life full of games with Satan.

Only God really  knows everything and why it happens.

Though all does work together for good, for those that love God( Romans8:28) and that is, why Jesus died for us, because God knew we would fall short everyday. And though trials( like rain) do cultivate good character  ( like good fruit on a plant), including strength, self-control, patience, qualities needed for eternal life in heaven/ or paradise;

1Cor 10:13

We  Always must read God’s word and stay close to him because Everyone does reap what they sew.   Get away from bad, immoral,mean, selfish, rude, terrible things! If your conscience is telling you to quit that, it is for a good reason! Satan will fill you with anger and tease you filling you with false power, then he will hurt you till you are borderline dead on every level of life.

If you seek God he will fill you with power so much greater and benevolently astounding than Satan’s  trickery could ever give you. But you must call on God’s name for help, or he does not know you want him to intervene in your life, filled with pain and sorrow.

Prayer to God must be genuine and from the heart. You would not speak to your loved ones half-heartedly and in truncated, quick sentences, when you need help, and are in deep pain. Pour your heart out to God, he is your heavenly father. He will answer you, in perfect timing.  While still in a state of struggle, because this temporary, imperfect life will always have some form of hardship, view the struggle as  being beautiful too. The battles can smooth rough edges, and strengthen your soul. Make you wiser, and help you grow. God will not give you more than you can handle. Remember that.

Do not lose hope, Satan will tempt you to give up on God because he may not seem to be answering your dire requests, but God has much greater plans than those you have made for yourself, he will help you! After every storm there is a rainbow and a regrowth of life. Do not lose your fight! Pray incessantly, and never lose hope, READ THE BIBLE, With God all good things are possible.

Matthew 19:26

Your Life has a Purpose

Everyone is here for a reason, if you cannot find your life mission at the moment, your current purpose may be to empathize genuinely and on a soul- revealing level with others sharing your pain. Doing this will not only lessen tension and pain, but help another lost soul get off their feet,  letting them see just how important they are too.

Hebrews 1:1-3, John 1:14

Phil 3:19


Read This, you’ll like this scripture especially Psalm 139:15

Romans Chapter 8

Roman 12:2


Phil 3:13

Isaiah 46:3

Roman 12:3

Psalm 138:8