God still loves you.

♥1Corinthians 13:4,8.

Fear is fear itself…whatever you fear, is what you let dictate the bounds of your life… that is why the fear of God should be your only fear.. because God loves no matter what, so you can trust you will NEVER be let down.

If you love God that much, you start to want to listen to everything he commands, even things that include keeping your thoughts clean and your every intention pure. Living innocent as a dove and shrewd as a serpent. And when you do this, he does give you superhuman strength so to speak( Holy Spirit). You will find there is nothing to fear, but the fear that you’ll let your Dad in heaven down. (Warning though, there are demons and harsh evilness, that fights to take down those who want to fight with the power of light and Love, the MOST POWERFUL Force in existence. Love is NOT  just smooching and hugging, love goes way deeper than that( 1st Cor 13:4,8). And Deut 31:6 becomes evident as long as you stay loyal to God, and he knows he can trust you when looking into your heart.

Love is not fluffy. It is the most beautifully and powerfully, difficult thing in existence; it requires the application and receiving of discipline when one wanders out of love. Love thrives on loyalty, NOT in the easygoing, enjoyment of days- but in the volcanic tumult of deep hardship and struggle.

We cannot judge nor try to change a person to be this or that, or tell them ‘you changed, I miss the old you,’ nor judge those with rough edges.

God alone knows a person’s real heart. A person may speak temperamentally, accuse, blame, or cry out emotionally distraught. This is not a fully accurate depiction of their heart, it may show ( yes they definitely need to work on and pray for self-control and attitude improvement), but it shows that there is a lot of despondency inside them, and a lot of pain and still many blows from many people and the world around,  while they are fighting hard against an internal struggle.

It is so annoying when you for example, just lost your home, someone in your family fell very ill, you lost your job, and your marriage is gasping for air and fighting  to stay alive on one breath, then someone comes along poking fun of you, and you blow up, literally like King Kong, and they say: “WOW I’d go get some help with that temper.” No. Just have some compassion. That’s it. ( Recall also though that every time King Kong lashed out, he scares everyone to death so they either shoot at him or try to restrain him, so still one must work on self-control and reciprocating love, especially when you feel like ca ca.) No one smiles nonstop though, as humans we do have emotions, good days and bad days.

We have all had a crazy past, in a way or another, or maybe a crazy state of life currently, it’s no excuse not to move forward, let go of the pain, self-pity, denial, depression, anxiety, self-hatred, grudges, or anger inside ( there are no excuses)…YAH didn’t send Christ for those that were perfect, but for those that were sinners and broken. God is the only way to be set free entirely because he gives us something REAL and WITH ACTUAL PURPOSE to hope for, Faith in all his promises.

Like a perfectly loving  ( and ONE  and ONLY all knowing) Father, because that is what he is, he just asks that we listen to him, ( Psalm 119⭐️⭐️⭐️) because he knows what he is talking about; If only we would ONLY listen our peace would be like a river, and our righteousness like the waves of the sea.

Doctors , lawyers, teachers, athletes, movie stars, Christians, humans all make mistakes, God can’t…  he is the ultimate physician depending on where your Faith lies.

Ask a teacher though, why the WHOLE class has to do standards if one kid acts out.  Satan is still God’s son, he still loves his son, but his son has gone way off path, and should he continue in that way, God does NOT force anything to be, the decision to do evil, just as every decision ( good or bad) has consequences, he wanted to be a rebel and act out; he is making a huge mess, so now the WHOLE WORLD is doing  standards, steroidal pandemononic, death ridden standards, ( for only a little while more though, because the ‘good kids’ should not have to suffer that much longer, God knows and cares), hang in there, God is holy, God is love♥️